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My Experiences of A Commercial Gym


Now I have been a member of a commercial gym for a while now, and you may wonder why if I work at a fitness facility. Well, the reason why I became a member of this commercial gym was because I knew that in regards to the equipment I wanted to use in my workouts, where I worked couldn’t quite match up. Therefore I signed up to gym with a view to start being more inventive, intense and interested in my workouts.

And you know what, it has worked.

I have much greater freedom with my workouts in what exercises I can do and how differently I can target certain muscle groups compared to before when all I had at my disposal were barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. Essentially, the gym has been what I wanted and needed it for, but I have also picked up on other things in the meantime of which drives me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!

Let’s see if these are the same ones that annoy you.

  1. Just a Tick box or social meeting.

When I go to the gym I have one purpose. I am there to work as hard as I can for one hour on specific body parts I am looking to workout on that day. This means I go in there with a plan, I execute the plan (i.e. hit every set and rep with purpose, time my rest periods, avoid distractions), then I leave. Simple.

Now this might seem a bit like I am a bit of an arsehole, especially if someone wants to chat to me in the gym. You might be right, and I may be a bit too far one way. But I would rather this and get a REAL workout in than going in there exercising half the time (with minimal effort or attention to your workout) and chatting or checking my facebook half the time. WHAT IS THE POINT!!!

How can I complain about not seeing results if I am half-arseing the gym every time I step in. So every time you step on the gym floor, make sure you give it your full effort and attention and leave with nothing left at the end. Do this, and I am sure you will start seeing some positive results.

  1. Slamming of Weights

Now,  when I mean slamming weights on the floor, I don’t mean dropping a really heavy deadlift on your final rep. I mean things like letting go of the handles on the cable machine and letting them clatter together, or maybe dropping dumbbells on the floor after a set of shoulder press. This stuff really does get to me when I hear or see it. Thankfully it is not too often, but when it happens….AAAHHHHHH!!!!


Does slamming them down make you stronger on the next set?

Is there some secret performance enhancement that comes with slamming weights on the floor?

If so, then please tell me about it.

If not, then please give it a break.

  1. Sterile Atmosphere

Luckily, I am pretty good at motivating myself to work as hard as I can when I work out. But I know so many people who find it really hard to push themselves without motivation from someone else.

Now this is what is severely lacking a commercial gym. There are plenty of fake hellos and goodbyes, but there is a lack of any real support.  For those who sign up to a gym, I can imagine are often beginners and are unsure of what to do, how things work and where to start. So surely this is the one time where those who enter a gym need the most help?

But I guess this may be what you sign up for with a gym, lots of cool equipment but no support or real help with how to start, where to begin your workouts or how to achieve your goals. Plus, there is rarely much help in regards to exercise technique, exercise intensity or how to even progress or regress if need be with any particular exercise.

So, for some (more intermediate/advanced trainers), the gym is great and offers an opportunity and avenue to start tackling health and fitness goals. But, anyone (especially beginners) starting out on a fat loss journey, then it seems the gym would be the worst place to start. A better place would be to start by hiring a coach who can give you the information, tools and platform to properly begin to make a change and progress with your health and fitness