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Our Proven 'FBL 3F ' Holistic Fitness System Transforms The Lives Of Ladies Over 30 Through Challenging Workouts & Tasty Food Recipes That Leave You Stronger, Fitter, More Toned & More Confident In All Areas Of Your Life

3 Steps To A Fitter, Healthier More Vibrant You

Find a Fitter Body Ladies location thats nearest to you. Click "Find A Location Near You" to see where we currently have private facitilities. We're always expanding!

Once you've found your ideal location simply APPLY for that program. Our 28 day challenges are typically fully booked so you'll want to apply ASAP so you don't have to wait too long before being able to actually attend. 

Once we've received your application one of our local coaches will get in touch simply to answer any questions or queries you may have. We're here to help wether you join us or not - so feel free to ask us anything. 

5 Star Rated By Busy Mums Everywhere

One of our Wakefield clients lost 1 stone.

Another Wakefield client lose 2 stone.

" Best decision I ever made. Love the classes, love the people and I’m noticing such a different to my shape and clothes "

Joanne Eaton

July 2018

How Our 'FBL 3F' Holistic Fitness System Produces Consistent & Sustainable Results



Many women have tried various weight loss programs and failed over the long run. We've noticed this is for one big reason: most average programs give you nutrition advice, provide training and then that's pretty much it.

What we've realised after over 12 years in this industry is that many of us struggling with our fitness for psychological reasons: maybe we're tired, maybe we're stressed from work, maybe we feel down or lonely or some other feeling entirely.

The point is everything first starts with a thought or feeling. You could have the best diet and best training program in the world but if you constantly get cravings or are stress eating multiple times per week then your progress will be minimal at best.

This is why our FBL 3F system STARTS WITH the psychology of health, wellness and weight loss. In this phase you'll learn to think like a slim person, you'll learn effective techniques for eliminating stress and you'll learn how to get rid of cravings once and for all. 



Your average trainer will likely get you doing exercises you don't like, aren't effective and don't enjoy. Maybe they'll even make you work out until you feel sick.

Whilst all that can be effective how long do you typically stick with that kind of training?

At FBL we're all about sustainability and part of that is making fitness actually FUN

You'll train in groups with like-minded women of the same age and ability.

You'll likely make new friends too and that makes showing up all that much easier.

This isn't just something we do to make yourself feel good either, research proves that when you enjoy being active then you'll automatically eat better, you'll be more consistent and you'll not need to rely on motivation or willpower to get going. 



Be honest, how many "diets" have you tried?

Many women have tried at least 4 and sometimes more. The problem with typical "diets" is they place unnecessary restrictions on you that are often hard to follow.

For example, low carb diets can be effective. But bread tastes amazing and how long can you go without caving in?  

At FBL we've consulted with one of the UK's leading Dietitian's and Sports Nutritionists to create a nutrition program that's unlike anything else in its simplicity, its ease of use and its ability to produce consistent but sustainable results for busy mums.

In fact it was specifically designed for busy mums 30yrs+!

Our nutrition system will overhaul your nutrition in the easiest & fastest way possible without disrupting your lifestyle.

No more avoiding family meals because you're "on a diet"!  

British Franchise Association

We are proud members of the BFA which is the only regulatory body in the UK for franchises.

Its aim is to promote ethical franchising practice in the UK and help the industry develop credibility, influence and favourable circumstance for growth.

It does this with a strict standards based approach to membership of the association.

Menopause Movement

We have partnered with The Menopause Movement as a commitment to our coaches becoming certified experts on the menopause. 

This is so we can support our members into menopause.

Offering expert guidance on things like exercise, nutrition and mindset as their body and health goes through change. 

About The FBL Founders.

Alex Knight

Mum of 2, Co-Creator of Fitter Body Ladies

Hi, my name is Alex and I used to be overweight.
I’ve always struggled with my weight and felt body conscious, but this was compounded when I had child number 2, Georgina.
I lost my baby weight that I had put on with our first child, Harrison quite quickly and relatively easily.
But this was not the case after Georgina.
I tried joining a normal gym (this was back in 2008 so there wasn’t quite as much choice as there is now).

But it was a horrible experience.
I remember the first time I walked in – everyone seemed to know what they were doing.

And it felt like everyone just stopped and looked at me as I walked nervously towards the cross -trainer area. (I know now that this was just in my head, but at the time it felt very real)
Then on my 3rd visit I bumped into someone that I knew and hadn’t seen for a few years (before I had kids) and even though they were being polite, in my head I felt like they were judging me – as if to say “how did you let yourself get like this”

I gave it a month of 4 times per week on the cross-trainer and hated every minute of it.
But thought that a significant weight loss would make it worthwhile.
When I got back home after my 16th gym session to weigh myself I could have cried – I had only lost 2lbs.

“F**K this!! I want a personal trainer”
I started to google local Personal Trainers in Northampton.
They seemed like the perfect solution.

  • They would coach me to exercise properly and to push myself.
  • They offered help regarding my nutrition
  • They would help me to stay motivated
  • They would hold me accountable by taking regular measurements (not just weight)

I reached out to a couple and then got a nasty surprise.

It would cost at between £450 and £600 per month for 3 sessions per week.

I was on maternity with an extra mouth to feed and we just couldn’t afford it.
We had a few drinks that night (me and my husband Ricky, not me and the kids), and came up with a crazy drunken idea of starting our own fitness business.

I was working in event management and my husband in financial services! – perfect right?!
We kinda figured that there must be other ladies out there that had a similar problem to me.

And our drunken sketched out solution was something called ‘Small Group Personal Training”

We would offer the same benefits of Personal Training…..

  • Coach each person to exercise properly and safely whilst also pushing them.
  • Help with nutrition to compliment the exercise and to increase energy levels and accelerate fat loss.
  • Help them to stay motivated and focused.
  • And hold them accountable by taking regular measurements.

The only difference being that we would offer this service to small groups of ladies over 30 rather than 1-2-1.

Which would allow us to reduce the cost of Personal Training by over 80%.

We then sat on the idea for 3 years!

We just didn’t have the confidence or belief to leave our careers (we were both in our 30’s) and have to start all over again in a different industry.
During this time I had been experimenting on myself and my husband with different types of exercises, different types of nutrition and different ways of staying focused.
As the weight came off and my knowledge started to increase my confidence started to grow and my self-belief came back.

And then in early 2012 when everyone was gearing up for the London Olympics and health and fitness seemed to be on everyone’s radar, we took the plunge and officially opened in July 2012.

Fast forward 10 years and we now have 19 locations across the UK!

Ricky Knight

Dad of 2, Co-Creator of Fitter Body Ladies

Hi I'm Ricky. I started off in the insurance industry [and stayed there for 17 years!] where stress took its toll and I ended up very out of shape and unhappy. 

With the 2008 economic collapse I lost my business but that was a blessing in disguise because I decided to focus on my fitness and eventually started helping others get back into shape as well.

Soon my wife and I co-founded Fitter Body Ladies where we focus exclusively on helping women 30+ get their glow back and do so in a healthy, sustainable way. 

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