Alcohol Calories At The Weekend

Hiya, it’s AlexHow many empty liquid calories are in those drinks at the weekend? Here’s a few ideas for you – and remember that if you account for it, then you can still hit your goals whilst enjoying a few glasses at the weekend.

Have You Ever Given Up?

This is a short video explaining the process that we all go through when we want to make a positive change . After the initial ‘honeymoon period’, things start to turn. Being aware of this process is essential if you want to learn how to NOT give up in the future. Alexx PS: if you …

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Why I Kept Failing

Have you ever tried to set a goal in the past and not succeeded [I have!] Well it turns out that this is totally normal. There are actually 5 stages to change – it’s called The Emotional Cycle Of Change.[see the diagram below] And most never make it past Stage 3!!! [it all started to …

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