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What Story Do You Tell Yourself?

The story we tell ourselves feeds our thoughts, which in turn leads to our decisions and then our actions Decisions NOT Conditions Will Determine Your Destiny. Everyone has a story they tell themselves about the conditions they’ve had to deal with. During times of adversity [that everyone is dealing with] some will makea positive decision …

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Your Negative Thoughts

Were you aware how powerful your thoughts are? I mean, every action you take throughout the course of the day is as a result of your thoughts – good or bad. The problem is that most of us walk around on auto-pilotand don’t actually realise what we’re doing . We don’t consciously ‘think’ before we act.  …

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100% Your Fault! ?

  One of the toughest parts of my job is telling people that  no matter what reason / excuse they come up with as to why they are not fit and healthy right now – it’s no one else’s fault but theirs. [wince / cringe] When I say this the knee jerk response is never …

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Listen To Your Heart

Do you ever get that nagging voice…at the back of your head along the lines of “You Need To Get To The Gym” OR “You Need To Get Fit” OR “You’re not a kid anymore – sort your health out!” I used to – a lot.  Especially when kids came along and I hit my …

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