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What Story Do You Tell Yourself?

The story we tell ourselves feeds our thoughts, which in turn leads to our decisions and then our actions

Decisions NOT Conditions Will Determine Your Destiny.

Everyone has a story they tell themselves about the conditions they’ve had to deal with.

During times of adversity [that everyone is dealing with] some will make
a positive decision and some will tell themselves a story that will lead them
to a negative decision.


The gyms are closed so I can’t exercise.

LockDown is stressful so I need a few glasses of wine every night to get through it.



The gyms are closed so I have plenty of time to exercise.

LockDown is stressful so I need to get out the house and exercise every day.

Same conditions.

Different decisions.

Different actions.

There are plenty of conditions that are just way out of our control. So there’s no point in complaining about them.

Let’s instead try and focus on the things that we CAN control.

How we respond to those conditions.

After all our thoughts will effect how we feel [positive and negative] which in turn will effect our actions, which in turn will determine our results.

Something to have a think about.

Have an amazing day.


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