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Are You Sure Your Health Is Important To You?

How important is your health to you?

When I say health, I refer to both physical and mental.

I guess most people would say “Really Important” [especially in the current climate]


Their actions do not match these words.

For example some ladies will say that their health is important to them but they drink and smoke every day.

Some will instead do no physical exercise and will eat lots of fatty, unhealthy food.

When our actions are not congruent with our intentions then this causes deep rooted frustration and unhappiness.

Good intentions are regular with words like “I’ll start exercising soon” or “I’ll lose weight next month”

But then ‘soon’ or ‘next month’ comes and goes with no change.

Excuses are abundant and easy to find.

“it’s another lockdown”

“I can’t exercise at home”

“It’s Winter and too cold outside”

“I don’t have any exercise clothes”

[these excuses are quite literally the equivalent of “The dog ate my homework”]

People kid themselves that they would be taking action and getting healthy if only the convenient excuses above were not standing in their way.

Yet I also speak to ladies that are exercising every day.

They’ve cut down their wine to 1 night per week.

They’re making healthy decisions regarding food and cutting down on sugar.

And it’s so strange because on paper they seem to have the same set of circumstances.

Battling through the stress and inconvenience of a Pandemic.

Trying to figure out how to do Zoom workouts.

Swapping bad habits with good ones.

But this group are thriving.

They’re not putting on weight – they’re losing it.

They’re staying positive and calm.

Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious with their family members at home.

And importantly they sleep better at night because their actions are congruent with their intentions.

They say that their ‘Health and wellbeing is important to them’ and then they back up those words with actions that match them.

I know that it’s easy to get stuck in a rut.

And the point of this message today is to help anyone that is in that place.

Call it a trigger or a wake up call.

It’s to help those that are struggling to take the first step, to have a realisation of what it takes.

The transformation that you can go through in just 4-6 weeks by focusing on your physical and mental health is remarkable.

Yes, you can easily drop a jeans size and feel great about that.

But it’s all of the other stuff as well – feeling more optimistic about the future and confident with yourself.

Getting through this 3rd lockdown is mentally draining….unless you work on yourself and how to remain positive throughout.

I’d love to say that we offer support and memberships to everyone, but we don’t.

Instead we specialise in empowering ladies over 30 to transform the way they look and feel.

Currently we offer this service in the following locations:

Northampton, Daventry, Wellingborough, Kettering, Milton Keynes, Wakefield, Basildon, Swansea [Sketty] and Llanelli

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