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The Best Version Of You [Your Vision]

We spend a bit of time with our members to help them create a vision of themselves for the future.

Picturing The Best Version Of You is a fun exercise.

Not only describing the way you look but how you feel. How you show up each day. How you act. The thoughts that you have and the optimism that is shared with others.

So that’s the fun bit.

To follow up on that exercise we then actively encourage everyone to remind themselves of that vision every single morning when they wake up. But not just the picture itself – also the feelings and the actions. Even the colours.

The reason for this is that the more you practice this, the more you exercise a part of the brain that needs exercising – The Pre-frontal Cortex [PFC]. When reminded of this daily, the actions throughout the day are more likely to be in alignment of this – positive habits are created.

But there’s a slight problem. There is also another part of the brain that is fighting against the PFC and that is the Limbic system. This part wants to remain the same. It wants to avoid any risk & danger – so it resists change.

So there is actually a neurological reason why you find yourself stuck in your old habits., seemingly unwilling to change.

The good news though is that our brains have neuroplasticity – which means that certain parts can actually grow in size if we use them regularly. And the parts that we do not use so much start to shrink.

So you can enhance the power of your PFC simply by using it…….every single day.

Which is exactly why we actively encourage everyone to work on their vision each morning. And having an emotional attachment to it by describing the feelings that come with it.

It is only a 5-10 minute exercise and puts you in such a positive frame of mind for the day. This FOCUS is part of our FBL 3 F System.

The FBL 3 F System is FOOD, FITNESS & FOCUS and is the framework that we use to create long lasting lifestyle changes and success.


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