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Your Negative Thoughts

Were you aware how powerful your thoughts are?

I mean, every action you take throughout the course of the 
day is as a result of your thoughts – good or bad.

The problem is that most of us walk around on auto-pilot
and don’t actually realise what we’re doing .

We don’t consciously ‘think’ before we act. 

So if you mainly have negative thoughts, then it’s most likely that 
you will feel negative / sad. 

And if you feel this way then the actions that you take will re-enforce this.

eg. comfort eating / drinking too much wine

And then the results that you see weeks and months later 
are the results you don’t want to see.

But the cycle then continues. 

It basically goes like this

Thoughts —> Feelings —> Actions —> Results

So if you raise your awareness regarding the above and make the effort
to feed your mind with positive thoughts then you will start to see better results. 

As you will feel better and act accordingly. 

Quick wins:

Replace “I have to go to work today” with

“I get to go to work today, so I can earn money and help provide for my family”


“I have to workout today” with

“I get to work out today, taking care of my health and body so I can feel fitter and stronger”

Also, try and start your day by watching a motivational video or reading an inspiring story instead of watching the news. 

Win the morning and you’ll win the day. 

Remember you get to decide what you feed your mind with. 

There’s a few things that you can start with anyway.

Have an amazing day.

Stay positive.