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Simple Food Swaps to Help You Save 15,000 Calories this Month


A lot of you now know that there are 3,500 calories in one pound. To lose that pound, we therefore have to find a way to burn that many calories just to see the scale drop. Sounds like a lot of work. However, it is actually very easy, and definitely possible to cut loads of calories in the next 30 days and lose up to four pounds this month.

All of this can be done through small nutritional changes over the course of this month. This will then set you on your way to long-lasting results, because you’re substituting healthier versions of the foods you love without depriving yourself of them completely. These kinds of tweaks also keep you from feeling restricted (and consequently binging) or yo-yo dieting.

So here, 10 swaps you can make to start helping you save 15,000 calories (or more) a month and lose about a pound each week.

  1. Sparkling water instead of Soda

330ml Soda Water = 0 Calories

330ml (1 Can) Coca-Cola = 139 calories

Saving = 139 Calories

You can see clearly that you will be saving yourself loads of calories if you start to cut out the fizzy drinks. For example, if you normally have one can of coke per day and then substituted it for soda water, you will be saving yourself 2780 calories per month. Plus, you will be cutting out SO much sugar as well, which your body will love you for in the long run.

  1. Apple instead of Dried Cranberries

50g Apple = 52 Calories

50g Dried Cranberries = 154 calories

Saving = 102 calories

You would think that dried cranberries (or any dried fruit for that matter) would be healthy since they are fruits, but they pack in a lot of calories. Dried fruits are have a huge concentration of sugar compared to fresh fruit. Furthermore, apples have much greater fibre content, which is great for keeping you fuller for longer.

  1. Greek Yoghurt instead of Flavoured Yoghurt

100g Greek Yoghurt = 96 calories

100g Flavoured Yoghurt = 132 calories

Saving = 36 calories

It is often a very quick and convenient option when you are on the go to just pick up a flavoured yoghurt and wolf it down. But if you can set aside a couple of minutes earlier in the day to whip up your own mix (greek yoghurt with some raspberries), then you will save yourself plenty of calories and also really reduce the amount of sugar you intake.

  1. Nori (seaweed) sheet instead of tortilla wrap

1 Nori Sheet = 5 calories

1 Tortilla Wrap = 122 calories

Saving = 117 calories

By making this small change, you can really reduce your calorie intake quite quickly each day. It also offers up a little bit of variation for your lunches. The dried seaweed offers up to three grams of fibre, which helps keep you full, energy-boosting iron, and vitamin A. A for Awesome!!

  1. Greek Yoghurt instead of Mayonnaise

30g Greek Yoghurt = 29 Calories

30g Mayonnaise = 200 calories

Saving = 171 calories

Looks like everyone needs to start becoming Greek yoghurt’s number one fan. For starters, it’s rich in calcium and protein, which help maintain weight loss. Plus, the probiotics in yogurt make sure your gut bacteria are properly balanced to help you de-bloat and digest food properly.

  1. Orange slice in water instead of Orange Juice

Orange Slice in 150ml Water = 0 Calories

150ml Orange Juice = 72 calories

If you love a bit of OJ in the morning, then try and make this swap. You will be thankful for it, as you will save a bunch of calories and a load of sugar. All that sugar can spike your blood sugar and lead you to become really hungry later on, putting you at risk of eating even more calories than you need to. Also, by drinking water instead of juice, your body soaks that h2o up to replenish the water you lose during the day.

  1. Butternut Squash Spaghetti instead of Spaghetti

100g Butternut Squash Spaghetti = 39 calories

100g Spaghetti = 360 calories

Saving = 321 calories

This is such a good alternative it is untrue. Traditional white spaghetti is another one of those wheat based products that again can really spike up your blood sugar and get you hungry later on again. Similarly, it is another one that can cause you to feel really bloated and sluggish throughout the day if you are slightly intolerant. Furthermore, butternut squash is just so tasty and vibrant that it would be rude not to try this super healthy alternative.

  1. Cauliflower Rice instead of White Rice

100g Cauliflower Rice = 40 calories

100g White (Long Grain) Rice = 356 calories

Saving = 316 calories

Here is another must when it comes to healthy food swaps. Cauliflower rice is a revelation that you can turn into a faux starchy carb for major craving satisfaction. By cutting off the heads, boiling them, and putting the florets into a food processor (or chopping them up finely), you can create a rice substitute that slashes calories.

  1. Chicken Sausages instead of Pork Sausages

100g Chicken Sausages = 106 calories

100g Pork Sausages = 202 calories

Saving = 96 calories

Opting for chicken sausages will save you lots of saturated fat and extra calories that come with pork. Also, ditching the refined carbs in a bun for a lettuce cup will keep your blood sugar stable.

  1. Blueberries instead of Raisins

50g Blueberries = 19 calories

50g Raisins = 158 calories

Saving = 139 calories

A quarter-cup of blueberries has four grams of sugar. Raisins have 21. What more do I have to say?

So here are just a few swaps you can start to make to help you really bring those calories down and help you achieve the physique you want.