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How To Stay Healthy With Only A Microwave


Now I am sure most of you have read all over the internet all the best ways to eat healthy, what the best ingredients are, how to get the most nutrients ever in one mouthful and other stuff like that. Now I have written many articles that are similar to these, but I understand that sometimes this is not always practical and a lot of the time isn’t really that helpful in the real world. In the real world people have work, limited resources, limited time, a budget to work with, and lots of other things that make trying find ‘the best’ of something, impractical. Most of the time we have just got to try and deal with what we have got and do the best we can, for example, when you only have a microwave to help you make your meals.

There will be lots of you like myself, who work in an office and the only way of cooking anything between 9am and 5pm is a microwave. It could be worse, but having only a microwave to work with can really limit your options in regards to your meals. Because of this, many people just say ‘fuck it’ and they opt for the classic meal deals which is often made up of a hefty sandwich, packet of crisps, chocolate bar and a sugary drink. Not the healthiest, and this is definitely not going to help when it comes to losing weight or toning up. But there is a way to stay healthy with just your microwave. After months of practice, I have found a way to remain healthy armed with only a microwave between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Firstly, we have to keep things pretty basic and not too complicated, one because it is expensive, two because that takes time (which none of us have) and three because the microwave doesn’t do complicated.

Therefore, my first meal is very often a Protein Porridge. I go for this because it is quick and easy to make.

  1. 1-2 scoops of protein powder in your bowl
  2. Chuck in a load of oats
  3. Pour in some water and stir until mixed well
  4. Chuck in the microwave for 2 mins, stirring halfway through
  5. Done!

I bloody love my protein porridge, it is warm, fills me up really well and sets me up for a long period of the day, meaning I never really feel the need to snack in between this and my next meal. It also tastes bloody lovely. But when it comes to nutrition, it also gives me lots of good protein and also some really good, healthy carbs to keep my energy up and also helps fuel my workouts for the day whilst also giving me lots of good fibre, helping my digestive system in the process.

When it gets to lunchtime I am still in the office, still with my microwave, but now it is time for meal number 2. My lunch a lot of the time often consists of LOTS (specifically 480g) of leeks and cabbage which I get from my local supermarket for £2. Now this might a bit much for you to have in one meal, but the reasons I do have it all in one meal is because firstly it fills me up for ages, again which stops me snacking. Secondly it gives me basically all the micronutrients (i.e. vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) I need for the day because I am often unsure what other good source of veg and micronutrients I might be getting in through the rest of the day. The way I make it is simple. Pierce one hole in each bag of veg, then microwave each bag separately for 4 minutes, then bosh it all on a plate. This is not always to the benefit of my co-workers when they smell what is cooking. But to be honest, fuck ‘em.  I feel eating well and remaining healthy is much more important than what they have to smell for a few minutes each day.

If I feel adventurous I may also buy a 50p packet of seasoning, you know like the Colman’s or Old El Paso packets, to give it a bit more flavour.

If you don’t want to have all this veg in one meal, then you can easily save a load for another meal later in the day.

To accompany my cabbage and leeks I have lots of turkey breast pieces (specifically 300g) for £3. This might not be the best turkey in the world, but it isn’t bad, and when you are on a budget and trying to eat healthy then finding that slightly cheaper alternative can be really helpful. This also gives me another massive hit of protein which is crucial if I want to keep my metabolism up and firing, as well as keeping my muscles strong. Protein is also very filling and so just like the other bits, really helps me to avoid snacking from here until I get home later in the evening.

All of this veg and turkey could probably be split up into two or three meals instead of just one big meal (up to you). If you do, then it will be a very cost effective way (£5 altogether) of giving yourself two or three healthy meals for a day or two.

You are probably thinking that these are odd eating habits and probably a bit boring, but I do it because I know everything about these meals. I know what is in them, what they do for me in terms of energy and nutritional benefits, I know calories. Because I know all this, I have complete control over what I am eating every day and so I know I am at very little risk of gaining weight or body fat. But I also know that it sets me up for the whole day really well with some really healthy nutrition that fills me up and makes me feel awesome. The same goes for you guys, the more you know about your food and what it does for you, then the more control you have over your weight and body fat.

All of this with just a microwave!!!

So now you know how I do it with just a microwave, now it is your turn to try it out. You don’t have to copy me. You might find your own ingredients and meals to make, but now you know it can be done and there are no excuses for not eating healthy with just a microwave.