Want to blast fat, get toned and live longer? Here’s the secret every women should know…


If you want to burn fat, gain muscle and live a healthy lifestyle, resistance training should be your best friend, here’s why:


 You’ll lose more fat

Weight training helps prevent the natural loss of muscle mass and resulting drop in your metabolism that occurs as your grow older, and of course, the faster your metabolism the more calories you burn per day so the easier it becomes to lose fat.



You’ll burn more calories

The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn just by living and breathing. Everything you do, from reading this to scrolling through your phone, to brushing your teeth, you’ll be burning more calories.                                                                          



You’ll strengthen your bones

Resistance training trains your bones as well as muscles. When performing a squat, for example, your muscles will tug at your leg bones. The cells within those bones will react by creating new bone cells making your bones stronger and more dense.

Your confidence will increase

Weight lifting empowers you. By constantly challenging yourself to do things you never thought was possible, your confidence grows.

You’ll ease joint pain

Stronger muscles hold your joints in position better, so you’ll be less likely to feel pain in your knees next time you go for a run.

Convinced? Dust off those dumbbells, or better yet, if you want to maximise fat-loss and muscle-gain, attend a Fitter Body Boot Camp session which combines resistance training with cardio in a fun non-intimidating environment at either our Northampton, MIlton Keynes or Wakefield gyms.