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5 AWESOME Things I’ve Learnt Training Women

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Over the past 2 years (my current career length in fitness training) I’ve trained what is probably nearing 250-300 different women now. Through classes that have contained upwards of 10 people and also some 1-2-1 sessions, it’s a number that only continues to rise.

Over this period I think I’ve got to know the different things women tend to try when it comes to diet and exercise pretty well, and I’ve also got to realise some amazing things that seem to run true when working with most women!

My reason for writing this blog post is not to just give a shout-out to all the girls I’ve trained, but to hopefully show some of the amazing things that can happen when you ladies start doing the correct things.

At Fitterbody Ladies we are looking to create a health and fitness bubble, where the majority of our followers are starting to become very knowledgeable and clued up on what they should be doing. However, it is sometimes easy to assume the rest of the world knows these kinds of things as well.

Here’s the thing though – I’d estimate 95% of females still think weights will make them bulky, and having the occasional protein shake will turn them into the next Mrs Olympia. This means that if I can help educate some of these ladies on the amazing benefits good resistance exercise and eating properly offers, writing blogs like this is one of the best ways to get things like that out there.

With that all said, here is 5 great things I’ve learnt about training females:


  1. They react insanely positively to simple lifestyle changes

Apply 2-3 good training sessions per week that work the muscles hard and force you out of your comfort zone, get them eating adequate protein with a good amount of fruits and veggies and bam, you have yourself an awesome combination for a successful body transformation!

It’s amazing what adding some regular exercise and better food choices can do for a girl’s mood, sleep patterns, energy levels, libido, productivity and overall happiness.

There is no need for anything complicated. Just stick to the basics as we know these work incredibly well if they are followed consistently.


  1. Shoulders + Glutes + Metabolic Stress = Smiles all round

When you give a man an arm finisher there tends to be testosterone flying all over the place (until they lose the pump 30mins later…), this is basically exactly the same when you give a woman some high rep glute and shoulder work!

Try this little 4 exercise circuit to get your shoulder & glute pump on:


weighted hip thrusts 50reps

seated dumbbell overhead presses 30 reps

band monster walks 20 steps in each direction

lateral raises 30 reps

Repeat that ^ 2 times round with minimal rest and tell me you aren’t smiling…


  1. They can get a hell of a lot stronger than they thing they can

If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard the words:

“I’ll never manage that weight”

I’d genuinely be a millionaire.

Women, more than men, seem to doubt how much strength they have, men seem to be the other way around oddly…

The thing is when they realise what they are actually capable of; it can be frightening (in a good way of course!) to see the progression they start making.


  1. They have a higher work capacity than males

This has been spoken about quite regularly before in loads of other blogs, but something I know I’ve noticed, as have a lot of coaches I’ve spoken too, is how much more work a female can take per session.

They seem to recover much faster from a set that should be more strenuous, and this means there is more potential to add in more sets and reps.


If you are a female and find yourself recovering quickly, try adding in more reps or a couple more sets so you can get more out of your training – you’ll probably be more than capable of handling it!


  1. They are great fun to train

I genuinely love training girls because of how much progress they can make, and how much myth busting I regularly get to do. The best bit is essentially all of it makes their lives more enjoyable as well!


To wrap up

I hate how much rubbish information there is shown to women out there, and it really is something I’d love to help counter-act through blog posts like this.

It doesn’t have to be all low calorie, zero fat, no wine and run 10miles every night while fitting in an hour of the gym per day; just so you can some lose weight, and then regain it back on when what you are doing becomes unsustainable.

I’d love to say it was incredibly simple, but it’s not. Very few things that are worth doing are ‘simple’ but what I can finish this off with saying is that it is probably easier than you might think, and it doesn’t have to spell the end of your social life and enjoyment of wine/ insert alcoholic beverage of choice here!