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Tips to Controlling Your Food Consumption on Holiday!


Whether it’s an all-inclusive, a restaurant every evening or a wine-tasting kind of holiday, most trips away involve a lot of food indulgences. Practicing mindful eating will allow you to enjoy your holiday without having to worry about post-holiday fat gain.

Follow these five tips to keep your summer body all year round! 

  1. Divide your plate
    If you are at a buffet, fill half your plate with veggies, one quarter with protein and the other quarter with whatever you fancy – remember, you are on holiday after all!
  2. Practise portion size
    If you eat at a restaurant, ask for a smaller portion or even a kids size meal! If you’re at a buffet, pick a smaller plate, or make sure you only go up for food once.
  3. Keep it to two courses
    Cut back on hundreds of calories by either skipping the starter or the dessert. Your main course is usually filling enough as it is so no need to order a side dish either!
  4. Make special requests
    Don’t be afraid to make special requests to save hundreds of calories; ask for the sauce on the side; or for a baked potato instead of a side of fries; and replace the bun from your burger with lettuce leaves.
  5. Stay away from snacking
    An afternoon icecream and milkshake can add up to a lot of calories. Try to avoid eating between meal times or have a piece of fresh fruit to keep you satisfied until your next meal.






Whilst it’s important to be vigilant, remember that you’re on holiday to relax and rejuvenate so don’t stress too much over what you’re eating. You can jump straight back into eating your nutrient-rich whole foods once you get back!