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The Ultimate Guide To Looking & Feeling Your Best


Quick-fix/get-shredded in 10 minutes diets…

Fast food and processed junk food everywhere you look…

Super hardcore fitspo…

The rise in popularity of aiming for perfection…

Ridiculous cleanses and detoxes…

Sedentary living…


With all these fad diets, pressures to conform and temptations everywhere, it sure makes it hard to figure out how to finally look and feel your very best, doesn’t it? There is soooo much misinformation and conflicting messages out there, coming from a wide range of avenues, trying to tell us what’s best for us. These messages often come from the media, celebrities, advertisers. But sometimes they even come from our own family, friends, and co-workers, who mean well but are just as misinformed as you may be.

There are many of you out there that have not exercised regularly for a long time, or even at all. This can therefore make the idea of getting into shape and very daunting task, as you may not know where to begin.

However, from what I have seen and heard from clients is that some of you who do take the plunge and get started usually end up trying one “solution” after another, but end up feeling like nothing seems to work. You buy programs, books, and supplements. You sign up for diet challenges. You live by arbitrary nonsensical rules (“Whatever you do, don’t ever eat after 6PM” or “Women should lift light weights for high reps” come to mind).

It’s easy to accept these “rules” and fad practices as diet/fitness gospel because they’re repeated everywhere you look and so assume that it must be the way to go, right? You figure, “They must work or their popularity wouldn’t persist.” Then you think, “Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Why isn’t it working for me?”

We get it. We so get it.

At Fitterbody Ladies, we’ve spent an awful amount of time learning, developing and refining the formula that we know really does help you look and feel your very best—without obsessing over every calorie on your plate.

The formula is so simple, that it’s too simple to be effective, you might say, because you’ve been conditioned by years of misinformation to believe that if you’re not suffering, the results won’t come.

It has taken time, and some trial and error with my own and clients’ nutrition and training to distill this formula down to its most simple, yet effective form. Now, it works extremely well, and we are always continuing its improvement based on results and feedback.

Why?  Because through experience, we find most women just want to:

  • look good
  • feel good
  • be healthy
  • be strong


This requires finding our own personal intersection of:

  • aesthetics (look good)
  • lifestyle (feel good)
  • health (be healthy)
  • performance (be strong)


However, it is very common that certain categories sometimes get prioritized, whether it be aesthetics, performance, health or lifestyle. However, once this starts to happen the other three tend to suffer a little bit. That’s why maintaining all four in balance works so well.

For example, if we start to prioritize lifestyle a bit too much, then certain things may start to happen that can damage our ability to control the other categories. We may start over indulging in the food we enjoy (e.g. chocolate, cakes, pastries), this can then have an impact on our aesthetics as we may gain weight and body fat due to poor, albeit tasty, food choices. Furthermore, our health may also be impacted upon through these poor food choices. So as you can see once we focus maybe a bit too heavily on one element, then the others may be slightly compromised.

This is where we come in to help guide, educate and empower you with the knowledge, tools and habits to build a balance between all four categories that you can sustain, improve, but mostly enjoy.


The Female Fitness Formula

I am sure there are some of you out there who have struggled to get moving, and have struggled with overeating and consistently making poor food choices. I can imagine it can feel like your only options are to go hard or go home. No wonder you’ve just gone home.

Fitness has seemed like this completely unattainable foreign thing that isn’t for you.

You know what? That’s just not true. It is possible to live a fit and healthy lifestyle without letting fitness be your life. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary. Especially if you have the qualified, knowledgeable coaches and a supportive, positive community of women behind you.

Below is the formula that we use at Fitterbody Ladies to help women reach their goals.


  • Fun, short, sharp exercise sessions that are always different and exciting.
  • Appropriate mix of high intensity (HIIT) cardio and resistance training
  • A nutritious diet, based on whole foods, that supports your specific goals
  • Adequate restorative sleep
  • Effective stress management techniques


So what does that look like exactly?


Fun, short, sharp sessions

  • Awesome 45 minute fat-burning sessions
  • No two sessions are the same
  • Accounts and adapts for all fitness levels and abilities
  • Exciting formats that keep you excited and intrigued


Appropriate mix of high intensity cardio (HIIT) and resistance training


  • HIIT consists of short bursts of intense exercise (30-90 seconds) mixed with short periods of rest (30-90 seconds), with a perceived effort of 8-9 during the work portion, and 5-6 during the rest portion.
  • Progressive resistance training aimed at improving full body strength and boosting metabolism
  • Perfect combination for ultimate fat-burning
  • Boosts metabolism for 48-72 hours post-workout (i.e. The Afterburn Effect)


A nutritious diet, based on whole foods, that supports your specific goals


  • Eating when hungry, stopping when 80% full
  • Meals based around protein, vegetables, and fats with more starchy/sugary carbs on workout days
  • Eating a diet of 80-90% whole, nutritious food, with 10-20% indulgences


Proper sleep


  • Getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night
  • Sleeping in a dark room
  • Sleeping on a high-quality mattress that supports good spinal alignment


Effective stress management techniques


  • Do at least one thing you love every single day for at least 10-15 minutes
  • Ensure proper breathing patterns
  • Spend 5 minutes per day in a relaxed state


We want to help you succeed at being awesome, every day. This is what makes Fitterbody Ladies your best resource. We believe you deserve to look good, feel good, and be healthy and strong every day, and we want to help you achieve that by providing you with the tools, guidance, and support you need to achieve that.


What To Do Next

If you’re someone who has struggled to find your own fitness formula, whether you’re a chronic over-exerciser, or you’ve never stepped foot in the gym, let us help. We developed a program specifically for women who don’t just need help figuring out their formula, but for those women who need the support and accountability of a Coach and a group of like-minded women to help them on their journey to discovering their healthiest and happiest self.