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Porridge For Breakfast?……Maybe Not


We have always thought that one of the healthy go-to breakfasts when trying to change our eating habits is porridge or shredded wheat with a bit of milk. There are no saturated fats in them right, so they must be better for you.

However, saturated fats are not the evil element here, it is the glycaemic index of porridge and other cereals. The glycaemic index is a measurement of the type or quality of carbohydrates in a particular food, and how fast 50 grams of this carbohydrate raises blood glucose levels (and consequently insulin levels) as it is digested. Most cereal brands have a glycaemic index that ranges from 60 to 110. Here are a few for you to see:

Porridge: 60

Muesli: 60

Special K: 70

Cornflakes: 76

Weetabix: 69

You can see from this that porridge is not too much lower than Weetabix and Special K in terms of glycaemic index. As a rule of thumb, if fat loss is your aim then you want to avoid foods with a glycaemic index of over 50. This will help you to avoid a situation where your body is swimming with high insulin, which is a perfect environment for fat storage.

When it comes to breakfast it is important to eat well as it is the most important meal of the day. Getting the right breakfast will set your mind up with good concentration, focus and drive ready for the day ahead. To do this I try and recommend a variety of meat and nut breakfasts.MeatBreakfast

Meat and nuts breakfast is great as the meat gives you a slow and steady rise in blood sugar, whilst the nuts provide a source of healthy fats that allows the blood sugar to remain stable for an extended period of time. As said before this will then help set you and your body up with optimal energy and brain function needed for to tackle the day ahead.

Some good variations include:

1 large venison steak and a handful of cashews

1-2 Turkey burgers and a handful of almonds

1-2 Chicken breasts and a handful of macadamia nuts.


If you are allergic to nuts however, then I recommend you try the meat with some low glycaemic fruits such as:








This will all set you off to a perfect start with a delicious breakfast that is going to help you mentally and also when it comes to helping achieve that killer body you are after.