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Do You Have Time To Be Healthy?


“I just haven’t got the time.”

Time! It is consistently one of the most overused excuses (sorry… ‘reasons’!?) for someone not making the necessary changes that they know will improve their lives.

I see people all the time say that they want to get healthy, regain their fitness and the old figure they loved; but are not willing(sorry don’t have the time) to change their present routine.

Is it really that they haven’t got time or is it that they don’t want to make time???

You see, in order to get the life you want, it’s quite simple that you have to change

You have to step out of the comfort zone you have been in for years.

This routine you have ben in for years is predictable and easy, and ultimately the reason you are in this current state.

You get up, go to work, come home, ferry the kids around and then unwind in front of the TV.

Sound all too familiar?

I get it you are a little miss busy body… I understand!

I’m busy too… everyone is, think about it, have you ever heard anyone say ‘ooh I have just got too much time’ me neither!

We all have our personal pressures, and they’re all unique challenges, that others don’t understand.

Personally, I mostly get up at 5am and don’t finish working until almost bedtime, go to the gym, make time to see friends, blah blah blah the list goes on.

The reason I do it is because I made a choice, to change my life, to move forward and start enjoying it, rather than while away the hours moaning about the hand I was dealt

I used to,

I used to blame everyone but me… I would use ‘if only’ on a daily basis and I wasn’t happy

Then something changed, I realised I was in control, and if I wanted to change something I was the one that had to do it

The first thing I realised was that…

If I want to improve

I had to make time if I want to do all those things and be healthy, happy and strong as well.

I had to give some of the time from my old ways to make time for the positive changes I needed.

And if I can, I PROMISE you can too!

It’s simply about accepting first that you need to change and building from the ground up

Find where you currently waste time, because you do… everyone does

Start utilising your time better

Until giving time, and using it wisely becomes a habit,

Then you can start utilising the time you have to create the future you want, a happier, healthier, sexier future.

The average person spends over 2hrs a day on social media…looking at people moaning about their lives… like that’s going to help you!!

Then there is the TV time an average of 4hrs a day.

And we waste more time than that

If you could only change 1 hour of that time to prepare food for the next couple of days and make sure you had everything ready before going to bed

If you could only change and use 30mins of that time doing some form of exercising 3/4 times a week.

You’d be blown away by the amount of energy you create, and how much better you feel, subsequently feeling like you have even more time.

The list of changes you can make is endless, and the places you can find 5 minutes hear, 5 minutes there will surprise you

It all adds up

And Fitterbody Ladies is here to help with that

We work on time management and how you can get the most out of the least invested so you CAN start to find time; time you never knew you had

So you can actually start to make the changes you promised yourself in January, and every Monday for the last 5 years.

And the sooner you get to that, the sooner your life will look a whole lot different.