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Too Busy To Exercise?

  When I tell people that I own Fitter Body Bootcamp in Northampotn, this is very often the response that comes back my way. “I’d love to exercise, but I’m just too busy” It’s normal. I get it. In fact before I became a Personal Trainer I had the busy office job type life working …

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Carbs – they ain’t all bad!

Too many options! Just type “weight loss” into google and watch as over billion different suggestions appear. Where do you start? Consequently, many different ways of losing weight quickly and healthily have been thought up. Just think, there is Weightwatchers, Slimming World, The Atkins Diet, The Cambridge Diet, etc. Juicing, fasting, eating every 4 hours!!! …

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I miss breakfast – so what?!

  Common breakfast statements: “I just can’t eat anything in the mornings! “Breakfast makes me feel sick” “I don’t have time” “I’m trying to lose weight so am skipping breakfast” “There’s no way I’m giving up my corn flakes” “Can I just have a protein shake”   The most important meal of each day is …

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