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At What Point Do You Feel More Confident?

Tricky question to answer. How much do you need to lose before you say that’s enough – I feel as confident and happy about myself as I can be?

Is it 7lbs, 2 stone, 5 stone or even more than that?

Where does your body fat % need to get to? 35%, 25%, 20%?

We at Fitter Body Bootcamp in Northampton actively promote healthy clean eating and high intensity exercise in order to improve body composition, have more energy and live a longer healthier life.

The mind though is a funny old thing that plays tricks on us and even when others see you as perfect (and you’ve reached those tough initial goals that you set yourself) there is something deep inside nagging away saying that you are still “far from it”!

These are the sort of things that local Body Confidence Expert Cassie Farren discusses and helps to answer. She has been there and done it herself. It’s not been an easy journey for her but she has now got rid of self doubt and is a much better person for it.

I have put together a 5 minute interview with Cassie whereby she explains in a little bit more detail about how she is helping tons of women around Northampton and beyond fill that missing piece of the jigsaw.