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Fitter Body Bootcamp Meets Fitter Food Creators


With so much noise out there regarding nutrition, one of the most common questions that we get asked is

“Which diet is best for me to lose fat?”

The answer to this is “forget the diet and try making a lifestyle change”

Reduce sugar consumption, eat cleaner less processed foods, drink more water, eat more veg etc. Nothing that I have come across is in complete alignment with what we advise better than the Fitter Food book written by Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore. The first half of the book is full of really useful informative content about nutrition, cholesterol, fad diets, healthy fats, foods to eat more of and foods to eat less of. Loads of stuff in short, easy to read paragraphs and easy on the eye diagrams and photos.

Here is an interview that I did with them both on the success of the book and some great tips on fat loss:



If you fancy getting your own copy of the book then order it straight from their site here: