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KISS To Lose Fat!

I’ll come to the reason for the title in just a second.

I keep getting asked by lots of people “what’s the secret to long term effective fat loss?” or “what’s the best way for me to lose weight for my holiday / wedding/ well-being etc?”

Just type those search terms into google and you will be granted with quite literally millions of possible solutions such as “lose a stone in 7 days with this magic pill” or “eat whatever foods you want and still lose weight with this secret formula!”

These sort of unrealistic messages are what you want to hear. After all we live in an age whereby everyone wants instant gratification without having to work too hard in the process. Why do so many play the lottery every week?!

Anyone that then buys one of these solutions and doesn’t lose a stone in 7 days will then feel hard done by and try something else.. but this time with a sense of caution and mistrust. The problem is that with so many so called solutions out there, much of it backed up with so called ‘scientific evidence’ it doesn’t take long to become rediculously confused.

At this point you probably think I’m going bonkers and I’ve joined this so called marketing madness by suggesting that KISSing is the secret to losing fat. After all what does all of this have to do with the title ‘KISS To Lose Fat’.

Bear with me a second while I try and explain my motives. I absolutely hate (strong word I know and not one that I encourage my kids to use) but i really do dispise the unneccesary confusion and lies that the fitness industry comes up with. Don’t get me wrong, I love the industry and love helping people to get results but it can be hard at times to build people’s trust when they have been let down so many times in the past by all of this other noise.

So, what I try and do is Keep It Super Simple (which is what KISS stands for). It really doesn’t need to be complicated. Other so called eperts get a kick out of going through long scientific words to back up their theories. That’s fine and there are a small amount of people that are motivated by this, but personally I always look for how ‘complicated stuff’ can be explained more clearly so everyone understands. I ask myself “would my 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter understand this?”

To demonstrate the formula that we recommend to all of our clients (and everyone that adheres to it sees results), I have scribbled it down on a piece of paper (not quite back of a fag packet but not far off!

You will notice from the scribble below that there is Point A on the left hand side (which is overweight and unhealthy) and Point B on the far right hand side (which is lean and healthy). In between are 4 steps to get there! This is not a sequential 4 step process as all 4 are ongoing and present themselves as potential obstacles if not done continuously.

Fitter Body Bootcamp 4 step formula
  • Is it simple? – yes!
  • Is it easy? – no, not for everyone!
  • Does it happen overnight? – no!
  • Is it possible to lose a stone within 7 days? – no, but it is possible to lose a stone in a month if you are quite overweight and stick to the plan.
  • How long does it take? – it really depends. Everyone is different. Hormones, health, age, genetics, stress, sleep, etc all play a part in determining how long it takes.

So there you go. No magic pills and no silly promises. Just Keep It Super Simple (KISS) To Lose Fat!