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It Was A Scary 418 Feet To The Bottom

What a crazy afternoon Saturday was for 6 of our members.

Can you imagine having no experience of abseiling, and with very little training
on the day looking down from the top of the Northampton Lift Tower?!

418 feet from top to bottom.

And then with your heart beating super fast, and your stomach in knots, leaning back
and trusting the ropes are fastened properly to then start lowering yourself down towards the bottom.

My stomach’s in knots just writing this

This was a big challenge that I daresay they never would have dreamed of attempting in the past.

And I bet there aren’t too many ladies in their 40’s & 50’s that are doing this kind of thing. [like our members]


The thing about losing weight and your improving health and fitness is that you start to feel stronger.

And feel more confident to take on this type of thing.

It’s just so inspirational.

Plus they raised £3,000 for Northampton Hope Centre.

Check out what one of the ladies, Julie posted in our group:

“To any new members I wanted to share something. On Saturday my very good friend travelled from Newcastle to watch us complete our Abseil.

When we got back home she said she was amazed, stunned, in awe of the bond we had as a group of ladies and coaches.

She said she had never seen that before between ladies of different backgrounds, ages, or shapes and it really resonated with her.

So when you join FBL you are not just signing up for great classes, excellent nutrition tips you are also signing up for support, friendship, never judged, never feel you have to be like the person you are stood next to, you are signing up to be part of an amazing group of people “

This pretty much sums up what we’re about.

And it’s lovely that it was noticed by a friend of one of our members observing this remarkable achievement


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