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Challenge Your Limits


Struggling to see much progress in your health and fitness?

Are you still challenging yourself?

Are you pushing hard to try and improve your performance in the gym?

Making sure you continue to progress in the gym can be just as important as nutrition when it comes to making significant changes to your body. However, it can be very easy to not push yourself outside of your comfort zone and just go through the motions in each workout. This is not what we want!! It is vitally important we can make progress at every opportunity, as it is going to push us to perform, look and feel better day after day, workout after workout.

We all have an inner voice that talks to us, which has been shaped through our upbringing and past experiences. Have you ever listened to your inner voice during a workout? Listening to this inner voice can be crucial to busting past plateaus and continually progressing with each workout. This is because if we listen to this voice it might just tell you to push through and do another 5 reps or it may start saying to you that this weight is easy and boring, so let’s step up the weight.

So next time you work out, try asking yourself some questions or setting yourself a few goals and see how that voice responds. If it starts to come back with some negative responses you then have two options. One is to go along with what your inner voice is saying and back down to make it just that bit easier and less taxing, limiting your progress. Or two, challenge and change that negative speak by working hard and smashing your subconscious limits! Making your progress skyrocket! I say we go option 2. We want that voice to push you and challenge you to achieve the best you possibly can, whether it is to go heavier, squat deeper or whatever. Those kinds of things are what are going to keep you progressing and pushing you to achieve the goals you set out to achieve with your body and fitness.

Let’s face it; we all want to be a bit fitter and stronger.

So next gym session, set yourself a goal and then raise the bar a little higher , just to push yourself out of your comfort zone, you might then be surprised what you can achieve. If you can then do it once, you can do it again and again and again. Then once it becomes easy you want that inner voice to say right let’s take it to the next step and show them what you can really do.