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Cardio v Weights For Fat Loss?

Cardio vs Weights – Best For Fat Loss?
This debate isn’t going away. 
It’s been around for years. 
Don’t be fooled by trying to measure the success of each purely by what your heart
rate monitor says regarding calories used. 
Study after study comes out proving that one is better than the
The truth is that both are effective on their own. 
But when you combine them together they become much more than 
the sum of their parts. 
I used to run a lot. 
I used to do a lot of half marathons and during the training programme
I would always lose a bit of weight. 
Clocking up loads of miles every week, it was hard not to. 
I wouldn’t say that I looked that much healthier or better for it. 
Most women that come and see us want to lose weight and 
get that ‘toned’ look. 
Less flabby arms and more athletic looking arms. 
Less wobbly bits around the tummy and a firmer, more uplifted butt.  
In order to achieve the above result you have to lift weights. ……and 
not just girlie ‘light’ weights. 
You’ve gota go heavy. 
As heavy as you can go every time. 
Feel that burn and push through it. 
Feel that aching muscular pain the next day and embrace it. 
Then go again. 
When you combine lifting heavy weights with high intensity cardio
that’s when the magic starts to happen. 
Heart rate at a peak level and body lifting all the weights it can manage. 
That’s when you’re using both aerobic (need oxygen) and anaerobic (without 
oxygen) systems are being used. 
The beauty of this type of training as well?


What’s EPOC then?
It stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption
which is also known as The AfterBurn Effect
….when your body continues to torch calories while you’re
in bed fast asleep. It does this for up to 48 hours after your workout. 
(you don’t get that from steady cardio either)
Yep, so after weight training sessions you can lie in bed, drift off to 
sleep knowing that inside your body
there’s a load of calorie torching going on!
But what about bulking?
It won’t happen. 
(caveat just here: it will happen if you choose to take testosterone boosting supplements……lot’s of them)
Does this mean that we are against everything else?
Yoga, pilates, zumba, dance, running, swimming – it’s all good. 
In actual fact it’s very complimentary to following a high intensity 
weight bearing type programme. 
Just that if you wish to specifically ditch fat and get that ‘toned’ look
you need to be lifting some kind of weight 3 times per week. 


You could have the strongest abs and the most toned looking arms
in the world, but they will be covered with layers of fat if you don’t get 
your nutrition right. 
No one will ever see those amazing arms if you’re drinking wine every night. 
Those abs are staying hidden if you’re eating sandwiches every day. 
Quite simply:
– Portion of protein with every meal (including breakfast)
– Tons of veg every single day (go for 4-5 portions)
– 2 litres of water every day
– Cut out wheat
– Cut down on added sugar
The conclusion then?
Use both.