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Top Tips To Manage Your Stress Levels


Most people out there believe that nutrition and exercise is all that contributes to your ability to look, feel and be healthier. What if I said you could achieve all of this just by managing your stress levels better?
The body works a bit like an assembly line, and so once one part of the body is not working or being managed properly, then the whole thing is much worse off. A lot of women I see are not the best at managing their own stress levels and they are basically living within the ‘fight or flight’ mode all of the time, which can have big repercussion on the body.

The body does not have the ability to differentiate between different types of stress, and so similar reactions occur no matter what the stressor is. It may be that you are late for a meeting, having a row with the hubby or bouncing a check, your body reacts in the same as if you were being held to gun point or being chased by a predator. If all this remains consistent throughout each day, then it going to take a massive toll on your body. No wonder you are so exhausted.

Furthermore, we have to sit around all day worrying and stressing about these things we can’t control. People are often over-worked and try to spread themselves too thin trying to help all others except themselves. So what can we do about it?

1. Learn to chill-out

If you ever feel yourself starting to get a little too worked up about something, then take a minute and take 5-10 really deep breaths. Make sure each breath lasts around 10-15 seconds. After this you will feel much calmer, focused and will have a much better perspective on the situation, thus giving you better ability to handle it in the best way.

2. Meditate

Meditation doesn’t necessarily meaning you have to sit in complete silence, clearing your mind, trying to work out the meaning of life. But it does mean just taking 5 minutes, once or twice a day, relaxing and trying to clear your mind. There are many ways people do it, some pray, others take deep breaths, others just listen to their favourite music. Go with whatever works best for you when it comes to really trying to switch off and relax for those 5 minutes and you will feel much better for it.

These are my two top tips that are very simple, quick and easy to implement and will really help you to manage your stress. Thus, helping you to come out the other end in a much more clear and focussed frame of mind. As well as leading our bodies to then be in a much healthier situation without having to deal with the stress that is placed upon it each and every day.