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How To Guarantee Your Success

When it comes to creating new healthy habits your chances of success are increased to 91% if you write down what you intend to do – with the day / time / location – this is called Implementation Intention

This alone is amazing info that you can put to good use.


I have MORE for you 🙂

You see often if you are trying to achieve a major goal or introduce a significant lifestyle change for the better there is more than 1 habit that you need to create.

So I now want to introduce you to a special kind of ‘Implementation Intention’


Put simply you stack 1 [or more] habit/s on top of another.

Before I explain this in a little more detail though, do you mind if I ask you if
you have ever bought a new outfit [let’s say a nice new dress] and then thought to yourself that this alone is NOT enough?

– now you need some new shoes to go with the new dress?

– may be some new make up as well?

– how about a new handbag?

Believe it or not this is normal behaviour. – purchasing goods that are complimentary to one another.

[That’w what I keep telling my husband Ricky anyway!!}

It’s called The Diderot Effect.

Well Habit Stacking uses the exact same principle.

When you do perform one good habit, you can ensure that another one follows.


After I wake up I will make a healthy high protein breakfast.


After I exercise on a Friday, I will write my shopping list of healthy foods for the following week.


Once I have had my healthy breakfast in the morning, I will fill up a 2 litre bottle of water for the day.


Once I get into bed each night I will always kiss my partner good night and say ‘I love you’

Again you write them down in the following format

‘After [Current Habit], I will [New Habit]’

So to get this up and running you just add a new habit to something you already do.

Then once you have managed to perform this you can add another one……and then another one.


They all compliment each other.

After I get up each morning I will have a high protein healthy breakfast.

After breakfast each morning I will fill up a 2 litre bottle of water.

After I have filled up my water I will make a healthy lunch.


Whilst this may not be quite as exciting as going out and buying a new wardrobe it will lead to long term positive changes.

MOTIVATION = short term success

GOOD HABITS = short and long term success.

Anyway I hope this helps you to may be look at things a bit differently
and start to understand why things have not worked out in the past.


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