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How To Combat Those Winter Blues


Winter is coming whether we like it or not. Some love the winter months, but certainly for many, it brings about some serious blues. So we wanted to offer a collection of ways to stay strong, happy and low stress in mind, body and spirit during these winter months.

You CAN beat the winter blues with these simple tips!

Check out the ideas ranging from a simple pleasure to a trick of the trade, a favourite pastime, a positive perspective, and much more!

  1. Winter blues are real and exercise and nutrition help a bunch, so stay consistent with your nutrition and training as much as possible.
  2. Get the slow-cooker on. This time of year it is a perfect time to get the slow cooker out and make some belly-warming stew and briskets for those cold, wintery days.
  3. Find an outdoor hobby. The beauty of nature and being outside breathing fresh air and getting sunlight just makes you feel grateful!
  4. Buying a heavy duty, super warm, high-quality waterproof winter coat makes the winter seem far less brutal, and it makes me happy every single time I put mine on. I feel like I have a secret winter-resistant superpower! ?
  5. Use the fireplace! A source of warmth, a meeting place and almost as good as a movie, lighting a fire is a mesmerizing way to unwind. Not to mention toasty. Having a cup of cocoa or tea or curling up with a good book or to watch a film in front of the fire is always good.
  6. Keep it fresh: browse your local markets to find what is in season this winter. You’d be amazed at the flavour profiles found in different winter squashes, fruits, and greens. This is a great time to create stew recipes with items you’ve never tried before.
  7. Play games indoors: It can start to get pretty cold outside around this time of year. So get some fun exercise and try to beat the cold by playing games indoors with the kids. Hide and seek, charades and others can all be good fun indoors.
  8. Epsom Salt baths! Not only is it good at keeping you warm, but Epsom salt baths also reduce inflammation, relieve muscle soreness, reduces stress, and can help manage carb cravings.
  9. Snuggling. There’s nothing like snuggling up with your boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/spouse to warm up the body and soul!
  10. For some, drinking a hot cup of coffee while lying in bed first thing in the morning. If you enjoy coffee I am sure sitting in your bed in the morning with a hot cup can feel very nice, and it’s nice not to have to face the blustery winds first thing in the morning.
  11. Heating up a rice bag and putting it in your bed to warm the bed, then taking a hot epsom salt bath, and jumping into your warm bed. Heavenly!
  12. A gratitude journal – mindset influences your perspectives, which influences your attitude and in turn your energy and feelings. Try acknowledging things that you are grateful for from a simple delight to overall blessings.
  13. Spend time with those who boost you. It’s easy to hibernate during the short, cold days. Go out of your way to connect with people. Pick up the phone and share a conversation and laugh. Schedule a date for activity. Connection is food for the soul.