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Holiday Excuses

This time of year is always fascinating. [July / August]

In fact not just this time of year – it’s any time of year when people have a holiday / Christmas / new job / getting married / Easter / move house/ Winter / Summer – ANYTHING that can be used as a reason to STOP or not even start exercising.

It’s HOLIDAY Time!! – when the kids finish school everyone goes into Holiday mode. 

EVERYTHING is then put on hold. 

And all of those things that we occasionally treat ourselves to throughout the year become part of our daily nutrition plan. 

Ice creams – you got it. 

Wine / Prosecco – just one more then. 

BBQ’s with bread rolls – quick get down to Tesco before the sun goes in. 

If we then actually get to go away on holiday amongst this as well then you can x10 all of the above!!

I get it – I used to be exactly the same. 

We work hard all year for this holiday – why not treat ourselves? – we’ve earned it right?

We get so many ladies reach out to us this time of year saying

“I’ll start in September” or

“Let me just get my holiday out of the way first”

As I said, I do understand this way of thinking as I used to do the same myself. 

However, a few years ago something major changed. 

When I started to approach ‘fitness’ from a completely different angle. 

Anyone reading this that is under 35 probably won’t get this but as we get older things change.
Our bodies change. 

Our metabolism slows down. 

We can no longer drink a bottle of wine without 1. having a 3 day hangover and 2. piling on an extra 7lbs 
once we’ve finished it!

Dieting feels like a never ending curse.

We often dream about having that pre-baby body back – minus the cellulite and the saggy boobs.
We often dream about cosmetic surgery – everyone knows a friend that’s had a boob job right?

I could keep going.

But I want to now try and make my point.

And that is……

Everything changed for me personally when I made a COMMITMENT to health and fitness. 

Not like a 3-4 week commitment where I then give up when I get bored. 

But a LIFETIME COMMITMENT to looking after myself. 

I will be fit, strong and healthy into my 60’s / 70’s and 80’s.

This DOES NOT mean that I have made a commitment to eating rabbit food and drinking
Evian spring water on a night out. 

It just means that when it comes to nutrition I will stick to the plan at least 75% of the time. 

When it comes to exercise I will workout 4-5 days per week – whether I’m on HOLIDAY or not. 

I enjoy the gradual feeling of becoming stronger. 

I enjoy the endorphin release that I get following a tough workout. 

I like to feel fit and healthy.

This is not something that I just turn on and off depending on what I have on. 

I no longer say those words “I’ll start in September” because I never stopped in July or August. 

It just becomes a part of my weekly routine – in the same way that brushing my teeth is a habit that I just do because I want to look after my teeth, exercise is something I do because I want to look after my body. I don’t take a break from brushing my teeth for a few months over the Summer!!!


Some ladies are a bit frightened of commitment though – certainly lifetime commitment. 

Which is exactly why we introduced our 6 week kick start programme. 

We help to educate members about nutrition – how to replace poor habits with new healthy ones
and how to exercise properly without risk of injury.

We know that most ladies can commit to 6 weeks of this. 

We then hope that at the end of 6 weeks these new habits are strong enough for them to

continue with their fitness journey – some with us and some not with us. We just want to give our members the tools regardless. 

Notice that I haven’t led with anything about fat loss in this post….until now. 
Fat loss is a by product of the above. 

But if fat loss is the primary goal then it’s unlikely to be a long lasting achievement. 

When a real COMMITMENT is made, then not only do you lose fat but you keep it off forever. 

If you know that you need to get a bit fitter.

and you know that you could really do with eating a bit healthier.

and deep down you’re thinking you could cut back on the drink a bit – especially during the week [I only drink weekends now]

Then just start. 

Commit to a 6 week goal first, create the new and healthy habits and then see where it takes you. 

Stop using holidays as a reason NOT to look after yourself. 


Ps: I still want a boob job!!

Pps: We have places on our 6 week transformation programme if you want to get started – click below for all the info