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10 Nutrition Mistakes That Can Slow Down Fat Loss And Make You Ill

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There are a huge variety of different sources and opinions out there that attempt to offer us advice on the best possible nutrition, but can often inundate us with dietary nonsense. Consequently, we just end up having a go at following a random concoction of different nutrition habits in search for that magical routine that will get us lean, give us constant energy, and just make us feel good.

However, one of the best ways to go about finding the correct nutrition for us as individuals is by stripping back the nutritional nonsense you have previously been told and just follow some common sense. Similarly, others find a useful list like this that helps identify the potentially hazardous nutritional habits to avoid, much easier to follow.

This list will help identify those common mistakes that can become habit.

Not Being Patient

When we make changes to our nutrition or our lifestyle in general, we often expect immediate results from this change. However, the body takes longer to adapt to these changes and fat loss results usually take a number of weeks to appear. So main thing is to give it a real go and stay the course.

Not Drinking Enough Water

You may not know it, but most people go round often chronically dehydrated. We need water to make sure we function to the best of our ability. Try and aim for 2 litres per day.

Ignoring how you feel in favour of how food is supposed to make you feel.

It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it is too many carbs, not enough carbs, meat, gluten or something else, if it makes you feel ill, don’t eat it!

Assuming we can eat something regarded as ‘healthy’ without any regard.

We often eat foods that have a healthy connotation. Even though foods can have health benefits, it doesn’t mean you can have lots of it – omega-3 fats for example.

Refusing to eat certain food groups because you don’t ‘like’ them.

Trying to achieve successful fat loss results is going to be ever so much more difficult if we are unwilling to give certain foods like vegetables or drinking plain water a go.

Using medications to solve gaping holes in your diet or lack of exercise.

Nowadays there are huge amounts of supplements and prescription medication to solve metabolic issues and obesity. However, don’t fall prey it as real food is much more beneficial and effective than any artificial product.

Ignoring coffee….or putting all manner of processed junk in your coffee.

Many scientific studies have shown that coffee is very protective against inflammation and lowers disease risk. However, be careful not to put processed cream or large amounts of sugar in each coffee.

Continuing the low-calorie approach for fat loss despite lack of success.

Rather than deliberately focus on lowering calories to fat, there are much more effective ways for losing body fat and reducing hunger. Have a go at other ways of inducing an energy deficit through either eating more protein, more veggies, or working out.

Thinking that it is just one thing.

Everyone wants to believe that there will be a magic pill or potion that will solve all of their weight loss issues. However, there isn’t. But it is also important to know that there is no secret way of eating for health and leanness: meat and plants, with maybe a few other select foods thrown in.

Using sugar and high-carb foods to “give” you energy.

This may in fact be one of the most damaging misconceptions about the human metabolism. Foods that provide sustained energy are higher in an array of amino acids, activating energetic brain pathway. Carbs and sugar result in serotonin, the hormone which mays us feel relaxed and tired, to be secreted.