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What to do when you lose your exercise mojo?

A lot of us have been there and fallen off the weight loss wagon and found it hard to get back up and try again. But here I can offer some tips in how to make it easier for you to get your mojo back and go again.

Remind Yourself Why You Started In The First Place

This is very much personal and different from one person to the next. When life gets hectic, it’s often easy to forget why you started working out and making positive changes in the first place. Everyone will have 2 or 3 BIG reasons. Personally I would write them down at the outset on a piece of paper (or on your smartphone) and remind yourself of what these reasons are on a daily basis.

Accept That We Are Only Human

It is important for us to understand that eating healthily is not a diet, but a lifestyle change. During our lives we are bound to slip up from time to time, (in fact we actively encourage a bit of naughtiness) but the most important thing is that we brush it off and move on from any slip ups we may have.

It is always said that life is too short to dwell on anything that we can’t change. What can often happen though is as a result of a minor blip (calorie filled weekend or missing an exercise session), the whole next week becomes a write off. Don’t sweat it. Just get back on track asap.

Patience Is A Virtue

One thing that knocks a lot of people back when it comes to weight loss is when they set an unrealistic goal with unrealistic expectations. For example, some may expect to try and lose 1 stone in 2 weeks, but this is highly unlikely to be achieved and so can knock people back a step when they don’t achieve their unrealistic goal they have set.

A successful weight loss plan is one that means losing weight at a healthy rate. So it is time to forget the fad diets and trying to copy celebrities with their personal chefs. This can actually have more of a detrimental effect and lead to more and more dieting, whilst wreaking havoc with your metabolism and making you a lot more prone to actually gaining weight.

So if you don’t want to be on a diet for the rest of your life, embrace the pleasure of eating nutritious foods and how good they make you feel.

Be Open To Change

To really feel the full benefits of a new healthy eating plan, then you have to be open to change. Whether it be eating patterns or foods, you need to be able to try and fully embrace your new lifestyle and give it a real shot. So now is the time to stop making excuses about bad eating habits, and really believe and motivate yourself in a new healthy lifestyle.

Don’t Be Afraid About Asking For Support

We all know that everything is always slightly harder when you are going at it alone. Consequently, I encourage you to not be afraid to ask for support when things start to get tough. Feel free to ask us at Fitterbody Bootcamp about anything, whether it be things like nutrition or exercise, but also asking a close friend can be helpful.

Whilst it is really helpful to have some support for the home stuff, it is also good to have a training buddy for the gym too. It is always fun when there is someone else there sharing your pain, and also there to talk to and share achievements with. In fact, it may also bring out a bit of competitiveness between you and push you to achieve greater things.

Don’t Just Use Food As Your Reward

A lot of us really love food or (booze) and due to our easy access to it, we often use it as our immediate rewards. However, I am sure that there are plenty of other things we can use other than bad food or drink to reward ourselves with. Try and set yourself some mini goals and reward yourself for achieving it. Maybe a new manicure, new book, or some tickets for a gig or to go away. These things will help you to avoid using food as your sole source of reward.

I hope these tips give you the inspiration and the means to get back on track and try again to achieve the body and goals you really want.