The 5 A Day Myth - FBL

The 5 A Day Myth

Get this one all the time.

We’re bought up with those
super healthy foods
of Fruit and Veg being paired together.


You have your Fruit and Veg section
in the supermarkets.
You have the Fruit and Veg guys
on the market.
Then we have the government guidelines
for how many portions of
Fruit and Veg we should be eating each day.


Here’s the thing.


Whilst they both contain tons of healthy food
stuff like vitamins, minerals, micro nutrients etc
One of them tastes considerably better than the


One of them contains a fair chunk of
natural sugar – which is why it tastes
better than the other.


Would you rather eat some spinach
as your dessert or a bowel of


What’s happened since the whole
5 a day thing is this.


We kid ourselves into thinking that
if we eat 5 portions of fruit then
that’s a really good thing….and then
question why that stubborn belly fat
isn’t shifting.


The reality is…


(drum roll for the TRUTH BOMB)


You get all of the healthy stuff
from fruit in veggies (and then some)
– just without the sugar!


if you’re eating 5 portions per day
it should be 4 veggies and then 1 fruit.


until you’re body fat % is down at a level
where you can get away with eating more
than this.


Coupled with this, I would recommend
you eating your fruit straight after a


This strategy will then allow you to
get your fruit fix each day whilst
also starting to shift inches from
your waistline.




Give it a go.