Sugar is actually really good for you - said the rich dentist! - FBL

Sugar is actually really good for you – said the rich dentist!



Here are 5 little facts that you may or may not know about that addictive white substance:

It Makes You Fat

Boom. There we go. Let’s not beat round the bush here.

When it comes to the majority of people, the more you eat, the more you want. Those who regularly eat sugar, or foods that convert to sugar very quickly like refined carbohydrates (e.g. bread, crackers, crisps, pasta) eventually end up having to try and handle constant sugar cravings that will boost their energy levels and end up eating sugary foods all day.

If this trend is kept consistent for long enough, you’ll find that you will want to eat every two hours or so just to feel normal in terms of mood and energy. This just mounts up your calorie intake with empty calories that offer no additional nutrition.

This kind of eating can actually lead to you being unlikely to ever feel fully satisfied, like you’ve eaten enough, which can lead to a vicious cycle of constantly eating to try and satisfy those constant feelings of hunger.

It Keeps You Fat

Continuing on from point 1, if we keep eating sugary foods our pancreas will start to overproduce the hormone insulin in a determined attempt to keep our blood sugar levels at a safe level.

However, this extra insulin will keep you feeling hungry and block the natural ability of our bodies to release fatty acids to be burned. Insulin triggers our bodies to turn sugar in to fat, to store that fat, and to hang onto it for dear life, and that extra weight will stick to you like glue.

Wine And Beer Are Cousins of Sugar, And They Love to Play Together

Wine and beer are in fact even worse than sugar. The sugar in alcohol is actually absorbed much faster than the sugar in foods. Alcohol often distracts us from this fact through its ability to relax/inebriate, but functionally alcohol is a sugar. So if you are trying to kick the habit of sugar, then limiting alcohol intake will certainly help.

It’s Inflammatory

Chronic inflammation is a common symptom of regular sugar consumption. This chronic inflammation can negatively impact the functioning of your immune system, and is associated with a number of serious diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

It’s Just as Addictive as Crack, Just Disguised in A Cute Costume.

Who would think that something like an oreo biscuit could be so dramatic? It brings back childhood in one bite. But eating it can mean one thing for a lot of people……….obesity. This may sound a big strong, but we need to be aware how dangerous it can be.

Because one bite leads to a second, a third, a fourth, eventually leading to a whole packet or oreos, a plate of chips and a load of pasta all in one day. Not everyone will be so affected by sugar and its tricks, but can you afford to play that game by having one bite and leaving it alone?


The effects can’t be sugar-coated (I just can’t help myself). But seriously, CUT BACK!!!

It is really, really, really, really, really bad for you.