Our 6 Week Transformation Programme - FBL

Our 6 Week Transformation Programme

We have a lot of applications each month from local ladies that want to join our 6 Week Transformation Programme. 

Some are a good fit and do great. 

Others are not so great….so we actually turn them away.

Only this morning I was looking through the last 20 application forms that we have received. 

When asked the question “What’s your main 6 week goal that you want to achieve?” 

The reply normally [as in at least 85% of the time] has something to do with weight / fat loss. – losing a certain amount of weight or slimming down to a specific dress size. 

No surprises here I guess. 

Then when ladies are asked why NOW is the right time to achieve this the most common answer is…….


Either first time have felt ready since having kids. 

or they want to see their Grandchildren grow up.

or kids are now at school and so have the time to commit to something like this. 

Pretty standard stuff I guess – especially given that we only train ladies over 30.

But the question that always fascinates me is this one:

“On a scale of 1-10, how motivated are you to achieve these goals [10 being the highest]?”

Only 18% of ladies put 10.

Herein lies the main problem. 

Because unless that is a ‘Hell yeah’ with 10/10 or may be 9/10, then NOW actually isn’t right time to do it. 

There is something really quite powerful when you run a training session full of ladies that are not only within 

the same kind of age range but are all highly motivated to achieve their goals – the ENERGY is electric. 


I am sure that you can appreciate that it only takes one lady that ‘can’t really be bothered’ to bring everyone else down with them.

It only feels appropriate at this point to now mention the ‘crabs in the bucket’ story.

I used to love crabbing when I was younger. My Dad used to take us to Cromer / Hunstanton, Great Yarmouth and others on that UK East coast and I used to grab a small bucket and get enormous pleasure out of moving big rocks and picking crabs up from the back as they try and pince me from behind. 

But I was always fascinated by the first crab that we used to place in the bucket. He would be lively. He would desperately try and scramble free. Somehow climbing up the side of the bucket. 


As soon as we caught a second and a third they never escaped. 

It wasn’t from a lack of effort though from that first crab. He would still try but the other/s would drag him back down – not letting it escape. 


What’s the point of this story?

I want to encourage you to choose your gym carefully. Choose your training partners carefully. Be selective with who you share your results with as the weight starts dropping and you start feeling great again 

Friends / family mean well, but if they are not also committed to your journey of self improvement they will try and drag you back down to where you were. 

If you’re motivated.

and you’re ready to drop a dress size or two in just 6 weeks 

and you like the idea of joining a motivating group of other ladies that will NOT hold you back


click the appropriate link below and grab some info: