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Get Drunk And Lose Weight In December

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So we’re fast approaching another Christmas and New Years Eve. 

December is very much a celebration month for a lot of us. 

Lots of meeting up with friends, Christmas parties, wine, beer, prosecco,

chocs, mince pies, and plenty of festive cheer. 

Anything between 4-8 hangovers are pretty standard in December.

As with anything like this though  there is always a price to pay.

Typically that price will be 7-10lbs of pure fat – most of which seems

to gather around the waistline. 

Don’t worry though…..

“I’ll sort it out in the New Year.”

“I’m going to join a gym”

“Next year will be different”

“I’m getting a Personal Trainer in January”

“I cannot wait to detox in Jan – no booze for a whole month”….as she

tops up another glass of Tesco’s half price prosecco!


Now before I go any further I think it’s important to state that 

I’m NOT going to come across as all righteous and recommend 

you just drink soda waters with lemon juice. – ’cause that would just 

be boring. 

I’m not one of these Personal Trainers that only eats tins of tuna

and steamed spinach all day. – I did actually try that a couple of years

ago. Managed 3 days on the trot…..and haven’t been able to eat a

tin of tuna on it’s own since!

I like a drink – right now I’m well into Grey Goose vodka – ice cold. 

I like to eat good food – and lots of it. 

I love it when my kids open a bag of crisps – just so I can have a couple 

without having to open my own bag. 

This time of year (when cold outside) I love to find a nice country pub

that has a fire going and then drink a few pints of strong lager or bitter. 

I live with a wife that LOVES her red wine. None of this crappy Jacobs 

Creek either – she loves the New Zealand pinot noir wines that you find 

in Waitrose at around £10 a bottle!!


whenever I do any of the above I like to mentally map out my

debits and credits balance sheet. 

Get The Balance Right


First of all the incorrect strategy (that I know so many people use) is

to just not eat. 

“In order to eat this chocolate and drink my wine I will skip breakfast and dinner”


That makes things worse. 


what you can do is just make sure that you’re eating lots of protein and veggies.

You might even need to keep things a little bit boring in order to have a

few drinks in the 

evening – but that’s better than not eating at all or

having a huge carb fest throughout the day.

Try and stick to lean meats (like chicken or as it’s

December turkey) and green veggies like 

broccoli and spinach. 


Exercise on the day that you’re gong to be having a drink. 

Torch a load of calories. 

Lift some weights. 

Do some High Intensity work that gets the heart rate pounding.

Keep on top of your exercise. 

If you don’t work out already then start.

If anything December is the best time of year to start. You’ll avoid all of the 

January new starters, get ahead of the game, go through the initial 

muscle soreness that everyone has at first and then hit the ground running

in January. 


just ignore your exercise though until January. ( I know so many people that do this)

Think of it as your own debit and credit balance sheet

debit and credit rule






Now in an ideal world we wouldn’t have anything in that debit column,

but this is the season to be jolly right? ……and without those debits 

it would be hard work to be jolly. 

So just make sure that for every debit action there is an equal credit


It won’t cancel everything out but it’s certainly a great way to minimise 

the potential damage that you wake up to in 2016.