6 Weeks 9 inches 10lbs and 3.5% Body Fat โ€“ GONE!!! โ€“ Feeling Epic ? - FBL

6 Weeks 9 inches 10lbs and 3.5% Body Fat โ€“ GONE!!! โ€“ Feeling Epic ?


How inspirational?! ?

Say Hi to Donna who has just joined us as a member after completing our 6-week introduction programme and we thought we would share her achievements so far โ€“ the first of many milestones ?

What was you WHY for joining Fitter Body Ladies Bootcamp?

I’ve joined gyms in the past and never went, always felt uncomfortable and conscious of my body. I’m 48 and haven’t exercised for over 25 years, other than walking my dog. I knew I need to lose weight and wanted for feel better about my-self as I turn 50 next year.

How has Bootcamp made you feel over the 6 weeks?

Fitter Body Ladies has got me excited about exercise, I tell my family and friends about how you mix up the different classes.

My children are super proud of me for doing some-thing on my own.

Do you feel you have achieved what you thought you would (or more) over the 6 weeks?

I think that my biggest achievement was applying and turning up, the fact Iโ€™ve lost 9 inches and over 10lb is a bonus.

I’ve achieved above and beyond what I thought I would, the fact that I’ve came every week is HUGE for me, even my husband is shocked and pleasantly surprised and very proud of me.


Whatโ€™s your next goal?

My next goal, is to be able to do press ups correctly and run and complete a 5K run.


How differently do you feel now?

Fitter Body Ladies you really are amazing, and that’s how I feel now – thank you ?

If you want to feel this amazing, drop me a message and let us help.

Julie x

Ps: Our next 6 Week Kick Start Programme for local ladies over 30 will be starting very soon.

If you’re interested in any further info then just send me a message using the messenger box

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