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5 Best Protein Foods (for fat loss)

To achieve the body you really want the worst thing you could do is starve yourself or spend countless hours in the gym trying to burn as many calories as possible. In fact it is much easier than that. It is rather about eating the right foods that keep you energized, full and provide the most nutrients per calorie as possible.

It just so happens that protein foods are the best types of foods for accomplishing each one of these goals. In fact they may just be the most important food source when it comes to fat loss. The reasons that protein is so amazing are that:

  • It increases your metabolism because it requires greater energy and calories to process protein compared to carbohydrates or fat.
  • It decreases your cravings for carbohydrates, through the fact that it helps to stabilise blood sugar and insulin levels.
  • It helps us to burn more calories at rest, since it triggers protein synthesis which helps us build muscle thus raising our metabolism.


Now, in this article I am looking to give you an idea of the five most nutrient rich sources of protein readily available to you, and say why they are so beneficial.


Eggs provide us with some of the highest quality protein we can get, as they provide us with a vast amount of amino acids. Amino acids are the building-blocks of muscle building proteins, which help us to recover and preserve our lean tissue, as well as carrying out many important bodily functions.

Additionally, eggs provide us with a good portion of healthy fats that is also critical to achieving optimal body composition. As a result, you have a super food that is vital to any diet for those looking to lose body fat. Try This: Eggs in any form are really good for you, but it can be good to make things a bit more interesting. Low-Carb Savoury Crepe – http://www.lifestylebypoliquin.com/Lifestyle/Nutrition/230/Savory_Low-Carb_Mother%E2%80%99s_Day_Crepe_.aspx.aspx

Organic, Grass-Fed Beef

Similar to eggs, beef provides us with another vast array of amino acids that the body craves to help increase our metabolism. Furthermore, beef is full of other non-protein nutrients. For example, beef is high in omega-3 fats that help us to use fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates.

These omega-3 fatty acids are an essential poly-unsaturated fat that helps improve nutrient absorption and carry out bodily functions. Beef is also highly abundant in zinc, iron and magnesium which are all important minerals for maintaining our health and well-being. Our hunger hormones also change favourably after eating beef, causing us to feel fuller and satisfied for longer.

Try This: Have a try of this interesting take on the pizza, but low-carbs and packed full of beef which you can customise with your favourite toppings. The Courgette Meatza: http://www.lifestylebypoliquin.com/Lifestyle/Nutrition/633/Zucchini_Meatza_.aspx

Whey Protein

Whey protein is a very popular source of protein, which typically comes in the form of a powder that comes in various flavours. It often believed to be specifically for sports since it is well known for being the greatest trigger of protein synthesis compared to all other protein sources.

Whey protein is highly digestible and holds a large amount of amino acids that we need for building muscle, increasing metabolism and enhancing our immune function. After eating whey protein we burn more calories and fat burning is stimulated, because whey protein requires a lot more energy to digest than any other supplemental protein.

Try This: You can make a super tasty chocolate shake, all from whey protein, stevia, cinnamon and raw cocoa powder. Whey Chocolate Cake Batter Shake.  http://www.lifestylebypoliquin.com/Lifestyle/Nutrition/731/Creamy_Chocolate_Cake_Batter_Smoothie_.aspx

Salmon & Coldwater Fish

A lot of us know that fish like salmon, tuna and sardines have a very high omega-3 fat content which is ideal for optimal body composition. But also these fish have a large content of good, high-quality protein. In just one serving of salmon there is 20 grams of protein, with a vast amount of amino acids and has more BCAAs than chicken. BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are a group of essential amino acids called Leucine, Valine & Isoleucine.

These amino acids are ideal for triggering protein synthesis, supplying muscle energy and preserving lean muscle mass. But despite all this, it is important to keep our diets varied so we get a wider range of nutrients. Therefore, don’t just eat salmon or tuna, try mackerel, prawns, mussels and oysters.

Try This: This is a very nutritious, but also inventive way of incorporating fish into our diets. Coconut White Fish with Sautéed Leeks & Garlic.:  http://www.lifestylebypoliquin.com/Lifestyle/Nutrition/583/Coconut_White_Fish_with_Sauteed_Leeks_and_Garlic.aspx

Chicken & Poultry

Chicken is great as it has the most amount of protein per gram compared to any other protein source. The combination of this and the vast array of amino acids available make chicken a very useful fat loss food. As much as possible however, it is important to eat free-range chicken.

This means that the chicken has had much better chance of being outside and foraging from more natural nutrients and thus being a much healthier food for us to eat.

Try This: This recipe is a very tasty and healthy dish that is inspired by Singapore cuisine, of which may help give you an insight into some new flavours. Chicken in Spinach & Mustard:



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