You won’t believe the influence I have had on my kids since I started working out - FBL

You won’t believe the influence I have had on my kids since I started working out

Ever since I started my healthy lifestyle, I started feeling more energised, more confident in my own body and I am now generally a more positive person. One benefit that I never expected to experience was the positive influence my healthy lifestyle has had on my kids.


For me, being healthy involves being active as often as I can. This does not only mean going to Boot Camp three times a week; but also making smart choices; picking the stairs over the lift; choosing to walk or cycle over taking the car; and getting fresh air as often as possible.


I remember the first time I told my two kids that I would be walking them to school. They both whined the whole journey “But Mum, why can’t we take the car?! It’s sooo much quicker!”


18 months later, both my children love walking to and from school. On the way home, we usually stop off at the park, and we all spend some quality time together.


Another change I made when starting my healthy lifestyle was to stop eating out as much and instead eating clean, home-cooked meals for my whole family to enjoy.


18 months ago, my family and I used to order in every Sunday and watch TV together. Although nowadays Sunday evenings still involve cosying up in front of the telly, takeaway has now been replaced by a meal cooked by the whole family.


Last week, we made a ‘healthy’ kebab using lean lamb mince and wholemeal pitta bread. My eldest enjoyed the responsibility of using a knife to cut up the kebab whilst my youngest stirred all the ingredients.


The kids were beaming with pride as they enjoyed the dinner that they made.


The positive influence my lifestyle has had on my children is something that I am so proud of, and I hope that my children will continue to be active as they grow up, and genuinely enjoy making and eating whole clean food.