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You Don’t Prioritise Your Health

I’m going to risk ‘triggering’ a few reading this post right now.
Normally if there is a trigger reaction it’s because there is an element of truth behind it – and sometimes we don’t like the truth. It can hurt.

When you say “I can’t afford to join a gym” it’s NOT true.
As what you’re really saying is that you don’t prioritise joining a gym right now.

When you say “I can’t afford to buy and eat healthy food every week” it’s NOT true.
As what you’re really saying is that you don’t prioritise this in your life right now.

When you say “I don’t have time to join a gym / go for a run / get fit and healthy”, once again it’s NOT true.
–> same reasons as above.

This is not a problem by the way….as long as you’re aware of the real reason rather than the bullshit reason you keep telling yourself.

[We have all become experts at kidding and justifying to ourselves why we don’t take certain courses of action – something to do with our crazy monkey brains. It’s bad enough lying to others but we don’t seem to have an issue lying to ourselves!] –

JUST BECOME AWARE Of The REAL Reason you’re NOT focusing and prioritising your health and fitness right now.

Do you doubt this to be true?

If you had a heart attack tomorrow and the doctor said that your only chance of survival was to join a gym, lose 1-2 stone in weight and eat whole foods for at least another 12 months, would you still use the same excuses as above?

No you wouldn’t.

Because all of a sudden your priorities will have changed.

Just a shame that for some it takes an extreme event before they try and sort it out.

As my dear old Nan used to say “Ricky, prevention is much better than cure”


Ps —> some will read this, take offence, citing it as not professional [you cannot use swear words! ?] , never to return again. But there will be a few others [unfortunately the minority] that will agree that there is an element of truth and it will prompt them to take some positive action ?.

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