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Why you need to stop dieting!

You need to change your thought process to a change in your lifestyle choice – it’s just management!

Measure what you are eating and control it.

If you don’t know how many units or calories you are consuming, how are you going to control it??

You know how much wages go into your bank account each month and you know how much your direct debits are right?

It’s the same thing, you can’t have more money going out than coming in if you want to save for a holiday!

So think of your food in the same way, don’t consume more than your body needs, save some each day and then week by week you’ll see the difference adding up.

Don’t do cheat days either. Cheat days turn into weekends and before you know it weeks then that’s it, you’ve totally fallen off the wagon.

You know your car is due for a service next month, so you save a little extra this month to pay for it!

Healthy lifestyle management is exactly the same. You know you’re going out with friends at the weekend, have a unit less each day for the week to allow 6 extra units for the 3 glasses of wine on Saturday night!

Rather than beating yourself up on the Sunday with guilt that you were great all week but then ruined last night because guess what happens then? Yep you think sod it I’ll start again tomorrow then ruin the Sunday too.

You manage your income.

You manage your relationships.

You quite simply need to improve your management of what you consume.

It’s education, motivation and support we provide to help you, but have to be the one to do it 

Julie x