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Why Is Healthy Eating So HARD?

Even though everyone says we have never had it so good

and there’s no better time to be alive than in this current time

I also believe that there has never been a harder time to 

Go back 50 years let along 500 years and there was never such an abundance
of cheap, nice tasting, sugar filled food.

or drink.

Now shops are open 7 days a week – 6 of which are 24 hours.

Food and drink is accessible in a way that it never was before.

Netflix put Blockbuster video out of business but it also coincided with the ease
of staying in and ordering a takeaway – Justeat is awesome – so convenient.

But all of this leads to us fighting temptation

every single day.
Honestly it feels like I’ve survived a hard- fought battle at the end of some days

if I manage to resist the temptation of cakes / sweets / sugar drinks / chips / burgers / chocolate / wine / beer

If I go a full day resisting all of the above I actually feel like I have achieved something.


It really used to drive me nuts.

But now?

I find that an easier thing to do is be clear on how many calories each day I need to eat to either stay the weight that I am or if I have a holiday coming up – drop a little bit of weight.

Once I know this

I just consume no more than that amount of calories each day.

However it is made up.

Rather than Good Foods v Bad Foods – I prefer to look at everything as just food and calories.

If I am going to have a pizza in the evening then I will go light with the calories at lunchtime.

This way I can still hit my goals and enjoy the food and drink that I like along the way.

This is more long lasting than any ‘diet’

And when I share this strategy with our members – some are like YES this is great. 
And others…..

Come back with “But I don’t want to count calories’

To which I say you don’t need to.

Well not for much longer than 2-3 weeks.

When you start learning about food and which ones contain the most calories for 2-3 weeks
then after that you don’t need to track anymore as you just know. 

Good habits performed daily lead to long lasting results. 

No hocus pocus.

No magic shakes or potions.

Might be worth trying.


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