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What’s The Secret To Getting That Bod?

You lose some weight



You put it back on



You lose some weight


You put it back on (more than last time though)
The cycle goes on and we see it all the 
time when ladies comes and enquire with us. 
Diet after diet. 


Who do you believe?


The fitness and weight loss industry is full of


So what do you do?


Accept that things will never change and that 
yo-yo weight loss is just the way it is. 


or is there something else that you’ve been missing.
Let’s call it a missing secret ingredient. 
(which I will come to in just a sec)


First let’s look at addressing a really important question:
Why do so many people that join a traditional Gym
not succeed in achieving their health and fitness 
(less than 10%)


Here’s what happens…


People get sucked in to the warm showers, the brand
new equipment, 
the nice pool, 
the yoga classes,
the cafe that serves cake (hey if you’ve just had a workout
you’ve earned the right to eat cake, right?)


Yet when it comes to actually going from a size 14 to a size
10 you need a bit more than a nice warm shower and 
post workout hairdryer. 


Go into any gym up and down the country and you 
will find most (around 90%) of women either in 
some kind of zumba or boxercise class or
on the treadmill / cross trainer / bike.


After 3-6 weeks of this, same routine…
it gets a bit boring. 


The body has started to adapt to the exercise
and the initial stress it was put under
and progress slows down. 


Let me ask you this. 


When you wanted to learn how to drive
did you try and figure it out for yourself
– you know watch a few home videos,
listen to what your friends said and then 
hey presto you were able to drive


did you pay a professional to teach you 
how to drive?


When you pay someone that holds you 
accountable (if you book an appointment with
your driving instructor then unless you’re really
ill you’re not going to miss it.) you start to 
bring your goal (passing your driving test)
a lot closer. 


You put the work in. 


You understand that there might be a bit of homework. 
You understand that if you DON’T stick to the 
plan and do what your instructor says that 
you’re unlikely to pass your test. 
You basically set your goal, then get guidance and
help from a professional to help you get there. 
You understand that YOU have to then put the
work in
assuming you do, you WILL pass.


Losing weight and getting fit 


Having a gym membership is just like
buying a new car. 


It’s nice to have all of those facilities
(just like the bells and whistles with a car)
but if you don’t  know the plan 
that you need to follow specifically for you
then you’re just fumbling your way through.


It’s a bit like trying to pass your driving test
by buying a new car and then learning how to 
drive by watching Youtube videos!
This is why we provide an accountability structure
to all of our members. 


For those that want to be held accountable
(and we recommend everyone does)


we regularly track weight, body fat %
and through our accountability forms
we monitor energy levels, water consumption,
food intake, sleep patterns etc. 


So we provide the right plan in the first place


(exercise routines – that are never the same so 
you don’t get bored


nutrition plans
recipe guides etc)


but they we also provide the secret ingredient 
that leads to such a high success rate…..




That’s when the magic happens. 


That’s when RESULTS take place. 


That’s the difference between yo-yo’ing
and having the body you’ve always wanted. 
No need for magic pills and super processed
meal replacement shakes..


It’s more simple than that. 


Doesn’t mean it’s easy though. 


Just like passing your driving test!!