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What An Amazing Start To The New Year!

Sorry I’ve not posted a blog for a couple weeks, it has been a mega busy start to the New Year, but so satisfying 🙂

We have new Ladies who have joined us for our New Year 6 Week Transformation Programme and they have got off to an amazing start with 206.7lbs down between them so far. They are really getting into the Fitterbody Bootcamp bug and have shared fabulous stories with the group. I also need to give a huge shout out to Claire who has worked tremendously hard, both in the kitchen and at sessions and lost an amazing 17lbs since starting on 3 Jan – WOW 🙂

It has been hard work for many who haven’t exercised for a while, but as I said to one Lady last week, the hardest part is walking through the door at your first session, you’ve done that, the second hardest thing is coming back in for the 2nd and 3rd sessions that first week when your body aches in places you didn’t know existed, and you’ve done that . I promise, it does get easier and you’ll ache a little less, that’s when you know it’s time for you to up the number of sessions and up your weights 🙂

And back to our members, after an amazing finish to the year with the 1 Stone Club of which we now have 22 Ladies on our celebration wall, we have kicked off fabulously well in the New Year with 2 further Ladies gaining their certificate so far.

As a group, Fitterbody Bootcamp’s total weight loss so far this year is an amazing 641.5lbs – WOW!

And away from weight loss, many members have been with us for several years now and whilst they don’t have weight loss goals, they do aim to be #fitterfasterstronger in 2017.

Chloe has set up and events calendar and we already have lots of Ladies who have signed up for Colour Run’s, Obstacle Courses, Wolf Runs and Half Marathons. They are all training hard towards their new goals and I look forward to sharing some stories with you later in the year.

Ricky shared and interesting fact last week, Gym memberships see a huge rise in January, you know, we’ve all done it, new year new you, but amazingly over 80% of those new members don’t make it beyond February. So whatever your goals and plans in 2017, stick with it, you are worth it!

Have a great day 🙂