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Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss


One is so different to the other yet generally as a nation we get hung up on what the scales say and only what the scales say.

  • Weight Watchers focus on weight loss.
  • Slimming World focuses on weight loss.
  • Rosemary Conley focuses on weight loss.
  • Fitter Body Bootcamp focuses on fat loss.


Does this mean that our members don’t lose weight? No, as often if you’re losing fat, you are also in turn losing weight.

The big problem with just focusing on weight loss (and measuring this by only what the scales say) is that in the process of losing some fat you also end up losing the good stuff as well – the lean tissue that we should be working so hard to keep.

If you didn’t eat for a couple of days you would lose weight. If you didn’t drink for a couple of days you would lose weight. The scales would say you’re doing well but does this mean this is the right way to go about doing things? – no need to answer that!

If you lose weight while in turn losing lean tissue, you’re basically messing with your metabolism. You have a much higher chance of that weight lost returning within 2 years and because the metabolism has been messed up and you have less lean tissue than before you started, you will most likely be even heavier than before. Wrong, Bad, Rubbish, Crap – absolute bloody nightmare scenario!!

Take a quick look at this picture:

fitter body bootcamp


If she was with Weight Watchers or Slimming World she would be made to feel guilty about not losing weight yet she has dropped a clothes size and looks incredibly fit in the photo on the right.

How can this be?

Have a look at this bad boy. All is made clear!


Contrary to what many people think, muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat as in the photo above they both weigh exactly the same – 5lbs.

The difference is that muscle is more dense that fat. So it’s smaller and more compact and ultimately takes up less space. That’s why we want more of it on our bodies at the expense of fat. You really don’t want to be losing the good stuff.

This is why you can weigh the same yet drop a clothes size or two.

In the photo above which would you rather have more of? – again no need to answer as it’s pretty obvious.

So with that being the case, don’t be afraid to pick up weights. And once you’ve got comfortable with that weight for 15 reps, go heavier again. And again and again. That’s one component to successfully preserving and adding to your muscles.

Look at the evidence – you aint gonna bulk up!!

Combine this with eating the right foods – clean, unprocessed foods that have had minimal tampering with. Increase your water intake and you’re away!! You’ve now created some long lasting healthy habits that are NOT A DIET! Energy is through the roof, fat is being stripped off and as you keep getting older you start looking younger. I’ll have some of that!

This stuff really isn’t complicated.  You probably just need a little bit of guidance along the way. A bit of pushing beyond comfort zone limiting beliefs. A bit of encouragement when you don’t think you can do any more.

This is what we do!! Day in and day out at our facility in Northampton and judging by what our members are achieving we aint too bad at it either.