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Top Tips For Super Strong Willpower


It is often that just when you need it, your willpower disappears. For example, in the face of some chocolate cravings or a really tough workout, it can be that nothing is there to lift you on and persevere. This is then where you can lose sight of those important weight loss or fitness goals you are aiming for. But if you have a few tricks up your sleeve when motivation starts to dissipate, then this can offer up a huge lift in self-assurance and willpower.

Tip 1. Dessert is Calling

Imagine you have just gone out for dinner, you have been really good and managed to sidestep the bread basket and ordered some meat and veggies. However, the dessert menu comes round and that determination starts to wane.
The best thing to do is order a very healthy starter, as it is then unlikely that you will want to eat much more after your main course. Those levels of fullness should help to indicate to you that no more food is needed and so will make it much easier for you to turn down the desserts.

Tip 2. Just One More Rep

The workout is tough and you are finding everything very heavy today, how do we then keep up the intensity and not give up. A good thing to do are drop-sets. This means you just go as far as you can with your usual weight and then once you can’t go any further, drop the weight and go again with a lighter weight. This will help to keep up intensity and can really help to produce significant results in the gym and with your body.

Tip 3. Where’s The Wine?

Friday night, been a long day and all your mates or work colleagues are off to the pub. You are very tempted, but know in the back of your mind that one glass of vino could then lead to five, then a next-day hangover binge fest.
A good thing to do is to keep your schedule busy. Sign-up to an evening fitness class, or schedule a date with your partner /friend. This will help cut the temptation of hitting the pub for a few drinks. If you do fall off the no-alcohol wagon, don’t beat yourself up about it. This is not failure, but make sure to learn some lessons from it and move forwards, reconnecting with your goal.
These are all great tips to help you stay strong with your willpower in various situations. Give them a go and you will definitely feel the benefits of how they work on your ability to stay in control.