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This is the Best Excuse to Ask your Partner for a Massage

Think about the first thing you do after stubbing your toe or hitting your funny bone (aside from shouting out the most obscene words you can think of).

Instinctively you place your hand over the injured toe, right?

Similarly, what is the first thing you do when you get a muscle cramp?

You place your hands on the muscle and rub. These natural instincts of healing pain through human touch is the core of massage therapy.

Regular massage therapy is more than a luxury. You should see it as part of your dedication to living healthily.

Infact, regular massage therapy has been proven to improve range of motion, reduce recovery time and increase muscle tone and flexibility.

A massage can also increases circulation; eliminating toxins and other waste.

Having regular massages will ensure that your body works at its optimal level.

This is important for us ladies at bootcamp to enhance performance, maximise gains and reduce your risk for injury.

What better excuse to get your partner to give you a nice, relaxing massage? After all, it’s for your health!