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Snacking – Should I? Shouldn’t I?

Lots of conversations at Bootcamp with the Ladies are around the topic of snacking, so the focus on today’s blog is this very topic.

People often graze and snack too much throughout the day, which can lead to an excess of calories and means blood sugar levels are constantly elevated. Often people snack mindlessly which will disrupt natural hunger and signals that you are full!

Whilst you don’t want to go hungry as you may end up overeating at meal times, you need to be smart about snacking. Where possible implement a 3-5 hour gap between meals and only snack if you genuinely feel hungry.

I personally try to opt for 4 smaller meals each day rather than 3 larger ones. This really helps cutting out the snacking as times between meals is shorter. I have to fit meals around morning and lunchtime classes but I appreciate your work & other commitments may not allow for this.

However, the first question to ask yourself when you feel you are ready for a snack between meals is am I thirsty? Down a good size glass of water and wait 15/20 minutes. You will be surprised how often you confuse thirst for hunger feelings!

If you are still hungry, I would suggest more protein and fat-based snacks to keep your appetite satisfied and avoid fuelling any cravings. Whatever you do, avoid the biscuit tin!

Try one the following:

A boiled egg
Ham wrapped around carrot sticks
Cooked chicken
Celery sticks with humous
Half an avocado
Small handful of nuts or seeds
A yogurt with berries

Experiment a little to see what works best for you, if your meals are packed with good nutrition you shouldn’t need to snack more than 1-2 times across you day. Also ensure you eat enough for breakfast to keep you fuller for longer.

Have a great day 🙂