Sharing Our Ladies Success - 60 sec Interview with Jo - FBL

Sharing Our Ladies Success – 60 sec Interview with Jo

Hi Jo

Firstly, well done on your fantastic achievements so far at Fitterbody Bootcamp.

You are looking fantastic, tell us about your goals and what you have achieved so far:

My pre-christmas goal was to lose two stone, which I hit on the 22nd December, just in time!! I’ve now upped my game to 3 stone and I have 6lbs to go!

What is it that you enjoy most about bootcamp?

I have loved, almost every minute of Fitter Bodies Bootcamp. The people, the relaxed, encouraging atmosphere and Julie who has really kept me motivated throughout.

How much better do you feel about yourself?

I tend to do the 6am class and to be honest most mornings I am still half asleep and look horrendous but that’s cool, no one cares, everyone smiles and we support each other get the best out of a session.

What’s next for you?

I’m going to keep going once I hit three stone, I just find short, more reachable goals work for me and I’ve not just lost weight, i’m fitter, happy and more confident.

I’ve lost 36.5lbs so far. That’s equivalent to your average microwave, the weight of cheese one American persons eats in a year, or 2 Maltese dogs! That feels good! 🙂

If you could make one recommendation to someone considering joining Fitterbody Ladies, what would that be?

Just go for it!

I’m sure you will agree – WOW just WOW – an absolutely amazing transformation.

Jo should be very proud.  She is fabulous to have in sessions and always gives 100% and still flashes us that gorgeous smile even when she’s hot and sweaty at the end 🙂

Julie x