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Release Your Animal Instinct!

I was driving along the lane to Bootcamp this morning and to my delight (it was early) I saw an ‘animal fest’, a fox, a deer, lots of rabbits, a sparrow hawk and 2 suicidal ducks!

But it did get me thinking – When do you ever see a fat fox?

Foxes only eat when they are hungry.

Foxes don’t have access to takeaways or fast food (not in the countryside anywayJ)

Foxes work hard for their food, burning off more calories than they consume.

Foxes get a great source of protein.

Think about it…

Do you know how many calories you need to function on a normal day?

Do you know how many more calories you need on a workout day?

If you don’t, release your animal instinct – book in with us for a Skulpt session to get on track!