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Really FUN Personal Training In Northampton

The benefits of personal training are huge.

More accountability..

Closely monitored progression.

Specific nutritional guidance

= all of this adds up to great results.


It’s normally reserved for those with a high disposable income.

Let’s face it, even hiring a trainer in a budget gym is going to cost over £300 per month for 3 sessions per week! – £500 per month with most gyms though.

Which is why we offer a semi private training option.

All of the above benefits are included with semi private plus there’s more flexibility around session times – the only difference is that training is performed in small groups – limited to no more than 8 in a session.

Heart rate monitors are still included that monitor calories torched, effort levels and heart rate throughout the session – can be seen for each member on our large plasma TV – check out the video below for a short demo.



The best thing about all of this though is that it’s available for a much more affordable price.

Spaces are still limited but if you’re interested then get in touch.