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Proof That Dieting Does Not Work

Did you ever play with a yo-yo when you were younger?

I remember them being great fun as a kid.

But as I’ve got older I’ve started to associate those little round 
pieces of ‘plastic on string’ with DIETS!!

The yo-yo diet effect.

Now I used to fall victim of this effect. 

You know the one…

Where in the short term you change your eating / drinking and activity levels and then experience some short term benefits.

This happens a lot in January or just before an important event where we want to look our best – Summer holiday or someone’s wedding.

BUT [capitals and bold to emphasise this But]

After aforementioned special event our appetite increases and our bodies are programmed to hold on to the fat – leading to weight gain and ending up worse off than when the whole process started [don’t get me started on how this then messes up our metabolism]

Have you ever experienced the yo-yo effect?

Which is why I do not recommend dieting.

Instead I recommend lifestyle changes.

I recommend healthy eating [80% of the time]

Please don’t look at me though as some out of touch with the real world typical Personal Trainer that eats the same meat and veg out of tupperware every day.

I enjoy my food too much to be one of them. 

It’s then always good to see this type of advice backed up by Science.

There is a doctor called Dr Michael Greger [an American physician] that has a book out named ‘How Not To Diet”

& he says

“Going on a diet is the WORST thing you can do. All the quick fixes promoted by the $50m weight loss industry is rubbish as they are programmed for you to fail”

He adds

“Diets don’t work by definition because the very thought of going on to a diet implies that you are going to go off it” – and once you’re off it, the pounds will pile back on and you will be back [or worse] where you started.

  • Cut down on your process foods.
  • Cut down on your sugar.
  • Cut down on your liquid calories. 
  • Eat more fruits and veggies. 
  • Eat more protein.

and start to monitor the amount of calories in certain foods. 

Try and stay within your daily requirement if you wish to lose weight. 
[let me know if you need help working this figure out]

Our new and updated Nutrition App helps everyone to 
adopt this strategy.

Any questions regarding the above just let me know.

I’ll try my best to help.


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