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Personal Trainer Northampton

One of the reasons that Alex and I set up Fitter Body Boot Camp was because we wanted to offer a service that bridged the gap between a standard gym membership and one to one personal training in the Northampton area.

You see one to one personal training is great. If you find a good trainer (and like any profession there are good and bad trainers) and you can afford it then it’s a sure-fire way to improve your overall fitness levels and body composition.

The problem with one to one personal training in Northampton is that it’s out of most people’s price bracket. Most gyms will charge between £35 and £45 per session, so to  have 3 sessions per week, you’re not looking at much change out of £500 per month!

At the other end of the spectrum is a standard gym membership. Now this is well within most people’s affordability, especially with the ascension of budget gyms throughout the town. There is still a big downside though.

You see, I reckon that most people join a gym because they want to change their body shape in some way – whether fat loss, inches off the waist and hips, get rid of the bingo wings, get back to pre pregnancy weight etc. The biggest challenge that most of the gyms face is that they have a really low success rate of helping their members achieve these goals.

After the first 4-6 weeks the novelty starts to wear off, the body has started to adapt to the stress it’s put under when using the treadmill or cross trainer, the playlist on the ipod is getting repetitive, and the whole routine is starting to get boring. What started off at x3 times per week becomes x1 visit per week at best and then the body shape never changes.

The worst thing about all of this is that you convince yourself that you will get back into it and so keep the membership open and the direct debit coming out. This then makes the gym quite an expensive investment in the long run for zero results.

So, Alex and I realised there was nothing bridging this gap between personal training and standard gym memberships in Northampton. We offer some of the key benefits of one to one personal training such as nutritional guidance that compliments the exercise and also an accountability structure with regular weigh-ins and body fat measurements taken.

The majority of our clients are with us on this basis, and have a really high success rate, but there are some women that would much rather work with a personal trainer in Northampton on a one to one level. We do still offer this as an option, and it can be great to combine with the small group training as well.

It’s not easy trying to decide which personal trainer in Northampton to go with and I would suggest that if you are male, an athlete, have ongoing injury problems or are over the age 60 there are much more suited Personal Trainers in Northampton to go with.

However if you are female and interested in losing weight (and keeping it off long term), getting back into skinny jeans, fed up with counting calories, have joined gyms in the past and they haven’t worked, want more energy, or are a Mum trying to get your old body back, then get in contact with us. This is our area of expertise.